Associating activities with a group of attendees

As an event organizer, you can add a list of people that are allowed to subscribe to a specific activity.

This means that only participants in the list will be able to see the activity and participate in it.

If there is no list associated with the activity, it will remain open for all or in compliance with the administrator's setting.

How do I associate an activity with a group of attendees

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. First, you will need to create activities in the event's agenda.
  2. Create lists of people in your event.
  3. Then go to Agenda > Activities.
  4. Next, choose the activity you wish to associate with a list. A window will open up on the right side of the screen, and you should press People lists > Edit.
  5. Then, choose which list you want to associate with each of the activities from the drop-down menu and then press Add list. 
An activity can be linked to as many people lists as necessary so that all people from all the linked lists can see and participate in this activity.
  1. When you have finished, press End to save the changes.
How do I associate an activity with a group of attendees
Each attendee can be added to several lists, and thus see all activities linked to the lists they are part of.

If an activity's room host is not included in the list to which the activity has been linked, they can still join the activity from the Virtual Lobby. However, the activity will appear faded, and the Not available tag will be displayed on its card in the My Agenda page.

Not available

How do I remove a list of people from an activity?        

To delete a list of people from an activity and make it accessible to all attendees, simply click the orange trash icon and press End to save the changes.

Screenshot showing a spreadsheet import interface

What happens when you remove attendees from a list and add them to a new list?

The attendees will lose their subscription to every activity associated with the first list they were removed from, and gain access to all activities associated with the new list they were added to.

How to create activities with restrictions and choice blocks?

Define the restrictions between different activities, regardless of day and time, in a way that your attendees will only be able to attend one at a time or to multiple activities at the same time, depending on your event’s needs.

Click here to learn more about it.

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