App Download Restrictions

Updated 2 months ago ​by Sebastian Lastra

App Download Restrictions

When publishing your app, there are some restrictions, both on Google Play and Apple Store. E.g. you can restrict the app download by countries.

However, it is not possible to restrict by city or even for specific people. 

Remember that access to events within the application will depend on the degree of access security you configure.

Please see below tools you are able to configure on the platform:


Public and Visible to the World:

Anyone can download the app, see the event and login. There is  In this case, there is no access restriction.

Non- Public and Visible:

Anyone can download the app and only the attendees who have a password are able to access the event. 

Invisible Event: 

Only those who are attendees can see the event. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't find my event in the app. How to proceed?

Some settings may affect the visualization of your event in the app. Look for the status of your event. Adjust the event status to Published. After this change you should be able to visualize it in the app. Also, the event settings for visibility can also affect the visualization. In the searchable settings you can adjust it to visible to the world or invisible.

A participant cannot access the event. How to proceed?

Check the published status settings and visible to the world searchable settings. You can also verify if the participant mentioned is in the attendees list. In case these are ok, you should check if the participant is using correct login (email/password) information (recover password) or the correct 4-digit company code for download, if applicable .