App download and usage restrictions

When publishing your app on the app stores, you can create country restrictions. Besides that, you can also configure the app usage restrictions on the InEvent platform.

To configure the app usage restrictions, click on Event > Details.

How to access the event details
Please, note that these configurations will affect not only the mobile app, but also the website, directory, and registration form.

Public and Visible to the world

If you want all users to be able to download the app, see the event, and log in, you should configure the event details as shown below:

  • Event privacy: Public
  • Searchable: Visible to world

Non-Public and Visible

If you want all people to be able to download the app but only the attendees who have a password to access the event, you should configure the event details as shown below:

  • Event privacy: Private
  • Searchable: Visible to world
If set to invisible, only those who are attendees will be able to see the event.

Troubleshooting app access errors

Event organizers can't find the event in the app. How to proceed?

The configuration options listed above may affect the visualization of your event in the app.

If they can't see the event in the app, make sure to check if the status of the event and set it to Published. After this change, they should be able to visualize it in the app.

A participant cannot access the event. How to proceed?

  1. Check if the Status is set to Published and if the field Searchable is set to Visible to world.
  2. Verify if the participant who can't access the app is on the attendees' list.
  3. If you have completed the first and second steps and the error persists, the participant is probably inserting incorrect login information (username/password) or an incorrect 5-digit company code. If none of the steps fixed the issue, ask the participant to recover their password.

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