Allow for a push notification when my invitees enter the event

It is possible to create a list of users to receive a push notification when their invites have entered the event. You can set a list of sponsors/exhibitors' reps who will then have a list of invitees associated with them, when those invites enter the event and print their badge, the reps can receive a push notification, through the app, to alert them that their invite has arrived.

This feature is only possible through Accreditation (Badge Printing)

As an example this feature could be used for Sales reps, inviting their leads/clients to an event. The Sales reps would be added to the platform along with a list of their clients/leads, once the clients/leads enter the event through accreditation, the sales reps will receive a push notification, alerting them of the client/leads arrival.

How to set up this feature

Step 1

First, go to Event > Sponsors, click on +Add Sponsor then type the name of the Person/Company who will receive the push notification. Follow the same process for Exhibitors under Event > Exhibitors.

Press Edit and you may add more details to the Sponsor's profile.

Next, go to the People tab

People tab inside Sponsors.

Here, enter the people who you would like to receive the push notification.

To add a person, click on +Add person.

In this box, you can search for a person who is already enrolled at your event and then press Add.

Add person section inside sponsors.

Alternatively, you can click Create new person and this person will be enrolled as an attendee at your event and also receive the confirmation email.

Next click on the Invites tab.

Invites tab.

Here you will add the invites associated with the person, you can add invites manually by clicking on +Add person, you can choose a person who has already enrolled at your event and press Add, or you can Create a new person. The new person will be added as an attendee to your event and receive a confirmation email.

If you would like to import invites from a list, you can click on Edit then press Import from list. Using the drop-down bar, choose your custom list, and press Import.

To learn more about creating custom lists Click Here

Import from list.

Step 2

The user who was added to the people tab will need to download the event app and then log in to his/her account and enter the event.

Once their invitee has entered the event and printed their badge, the user will receive a push notification, with the message: Your guest XXXX has just check-in at the event.

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