Multiple registration form

Updated 3 months ago ​by Renata Carvalho

Have different registration forms for the same event for specific audiences.

Functionality available in events with Invite requirement or ticket requirement.


For this functionality, you will need:

  • Custom forms: creation of each main form add-on.
  • Custom lists: To target which audience each particular custom form can respond to.
  • Registration form: to define the questions common to all audiences and to establish the obligatoriness of the event.

Create list per audience

Define who are the groups that should answer different questions. Access the Custom People List feature and create a list for each audience.

Create questions common to audiences

To configurate the basic form for your event, access the registration form and create the Custom Questions for it.

Also enable the ticket requirement OR invite requirement.

Create different questions for each audience

Access the customized forms and create one for each audience that your event has.

When you've finished completing the Custom Questions, click the Settings tab and then click Edit.

Check the Registration form complement option.

On Lists allowed to answer form, select the ones that can view the created content.

It's ready. When the participant enters the pre-registered user, the system will automatically recognize and release the correct companion form.