Magic link: the attendee's unique link to join the Lobby

Updated 3 weeks ago ​by Sebastian Lastra

Participants have a few options on how to access the Lobby, the simplest one is by using the Magic link.

The magic link is an unique link that invites attendees to join the Lobby without having to go through the login page. Once they click on their magic link, they will be taken directly into the Lobby.

How do I generate a magic link?

To generate a magic link, press Marketing > Communication > Automatic Emails.

By default, in your online events, dynamic content called {{event-address}} will automatically become your exclusive, non-transferable link to join the Lobby.

If, for some reason you deleted the dynamic content called {{event-address}}, to add it back to the email just click on your email information and an edit box will open up on the left side. Then, press Dynamic content > Event > Address.

Now, you should see Your unique link: {{event-address}} in your confirmation email.

See in this link how to enable and configure automatic emails.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. Just disable the magic link by removing {{event-address}} from the email.

In case you remove the magic link, make sure to add the user credentials (password and username) to the confirmation emails so your attendees can still join the Lobby.

They last until you generate new ones.

The magic link is an unique link access so if you share your link you'll lose your connection.