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Define all of your company's tools and detail settings on the InEvent Platform. Create and manage events with your business identity, enter new administrators, and set access levels (global or per event)

What is the administrator's role?

The administrator will have full access to the App configuration by the InEvent platform. You can add and change information that directly reflects the functionality of the App. You can also change images, make color settings, moderate questions, add photos, send messages, create polls, and more.

How do I add a new administrator?

To add a new administrator, simply go to the Events section and click on Admins > + New person option. You will need to enter the name and email of the person you want and then click on Create

How do I delete an administrator?

To delete an administrator you need to click Edit > Check the box with the person you want to delete, Remove and End to save the change.

Training information for each administrator

Each administrator has set training goals. These goals are based upon the package you have purchased.

To view the training goals, press Administrators and click on the blue button next to your administrator name.

In the new window to the right, you can view your set training goals.

To learn more about the required training hours, click here: Training Hours

What happens if I repeatedly enter my wrong password?

If you enter your wrong password multiple times in a row, the platform will block your access within the next 60 minutes. You will need to wait for this time to sign in again.

How can I define an admin for only one event?

To choose the level of access for an admin for just one event, please read Event Access Permission

How many administrators can I have?

You can have an unlimited number of administrators on your platform.

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