Dynamics 365

This is a guide on how to connect with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online tenant. To integrate with InEvent, you will need an Azure Active Directory Application and an Application User that will effectively give access to your Dynamics 365 CRM.

Creating an Azure Active Directory Application

Go to Azure Active Directory and select App Registrations:

Click on New registration, name it as InEvent Integration (feel free to select any name you prefer) and select the supported account types (in our case, it is Single Tenant - first checkbox). Leave Redirect URI empty:

Once you have created it, open your application, copy the Application (client) ID (this will be your AAD Application ID) column value and save it for later:

Now go to Certificates & secrets and click on New client secret, give it a name and an expiration date:

Once the certificate expires, you'll need to re-create it and re-deploy the integration, so select a duration that accommodates you best.

Once you have it created, copy the Value field (this will be your AAD Application Secret) and save it for later. Remember, this will be the only time you'll be able to view the certificate secret, so don't forget to copy it right now.

Creating the Application User

To create the Application User, go to Power Platform Admin Center and select your Dynamics 365 environment (in our case Sales):

Copy the Environment URL (we will need it) and click on Settings:

Select Users + permissions > Application users and then click on New app user:

Click on Add an app and select the app you created in the previous section. On Business unit, select the id of your tenant and on Security roles, select System Administrator:

You are now ready to integrate your Dynamics 365 with InEvent!

Adding your Dynamics 365 credentials on InEvent

Paste all required information you retrieved in the last two steps and click on Link account:

Done! You are all set.

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