White-Label System: Customized permissions and access privileges

Choose the access level at which each User will have access to the platform.

Permissions are useful when you have external agencies or partners who need to view or control a part of your platform, without having full access. There are many different permissions that you can grant your User. You can set key permissions or operation permission bundles.

How can I create a permissions profile?

Click on your company logo in the top left corner of the platform.

In the Company level menu to the left, click on Users > Permissions.

Next, click on + Add Profile in the top left corner. Type your Profile name and press the blue Create button.

By clicking on Edit, you can edit the name, description and add permissions to the profile you have created.

Key for permission

In Users > Permissions, click on the blue button next to the desired profile. In the drop-down bar that appears, select + Add Permission.

Press End in the upper right corner to save the permission.

Operation permission bundles

You can also add bundles which incorporate the key permissions into groups.

Click on the drop down bar and select your bundle. Press + Add bundle.

Press End to save the changes.

How do I delete a permission that I have added to a profile?

To delete a permission from a profile, on the Users > External Users page, press the Edit button in the upper right corner.

Click on the blue button to the right of the profile.

Then select the orange trash can icon next to the permission you want to remove and click on End.

How do I delete a permission profile that I have created?

To delete the profile you created, click on the Edit button in the top right corner.

Next, tick the check box of the profile you wish to delete.

Press the Remove button in the top right corner of the platform.

How do I add/alter permissions to a User?

To add your permissions to a user, go to the Company level and click on Users > External users.

To register new users, see External users.

To change a user's permission, click on Edit, select the profile by clicking on the blue button next to it.

After that, in the new window on the right, scroll down until you find the drop-down bar that says "No permissions selected".

Click on the drop-down bar and choose the permission of your choice. When you are finished, click on End.

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