Accessing InEvent's API

What are APIs?
API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. This communication can take place between totally different programming languages, ​​in an agile and secure way, because they create a kind of gate, in which only a specific set of information (defined by the company that owns the integration) will be available and sent. In other words, an API is the messenger that delivers your request to the provider that you're requesting it from and then delivers the response back to you. An example of it would be the integration between Facebook and Uber. When registering, many people click on the button Login with Facebook, which is often logged on people's smartphones. The API pulls the Facebook registration information and sends it to Uber, being incredibly convenient for users that don't want to take their time creating filling up another registration form.

How can I access the InEvent API documentation?

You can access the InEvent API documentation with either one of the following methods:

  • Clicking on the API for developers button located on the right side of the bottom bar from the Company level or Event level. This will open the API documentation in the same tab.
How to access InEvent's API
  • Clicking on Integrations > API Reference from the Company level. This will open the API documentation in a new tab.
How to access InEvent's API

Accessing the API and its documentation allows any external system (such as your own website or CRM) to connect directly with the InEvent platform and perform updates safely and easily. One of the key advantages of connecting to our API is the great deal of flexibility that it offers.

How can I run an API request?

To create integrations and exchange information in real-time via API, just follow the documentation presented on the platform. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Access the API.
  2. Use the Search bar to find the necessary information, category, or API call.
  3. Click on the target API call.
  4. Evaluate the API name, structure, and values before continuing with development.
    GIF showing how to access the API documentation, search for API calls, and evaluate.
API calls involving credit using features, such as adding attendees and sending emails, will use credits from your account balance. For more information, refer to our Billing article.

InEvent Developer Guide

Our philosophy is ''If there's no REST documentation for this module, it doesn't exist". That's why since the very beginning of InEvent, every single module has been documented and we have created a Developer Guide to help you integrate with our API.

You can also access our guides from the API Reference by clicking on Guides In the upper left corner.

Accessing the developers guide

In practical terms, what can I do using the API integrations?

When integrating other systems to InEvent through our API end-points, you will be able to perform operations based on retrieving, adding, deleting, or overwriting information from our database, empowering yourself to do things such as:

  • company.event.bind: It creates an event.
  • event.person.dismiss: It removes an attendee from the event
  • event.person.bind: It will add an attendee to the event
  • event.invite.create: It will add an invitee to the event
  • event.person.operate: It overwrites a specific field on the attendee's profile
  • event.tool.edit: This option allows you to edit event tools.
  • activity.remove: It remove an activity from your event.
To check the most frequently asked questions about our API, please check this article.

There are hundreds of possible requests, please check the API documentation as shown below or get in touch with our support team for further information.

GIF showing the categories of API calls

If you plan to use a CRM platform other than Salesforce or Marketo, we recommend using the InEvent API to perform the integration.
InEvent is a trademark that cannot be utilized in URLs. Therefore, if you input InEvent into the nickname field when creating an event, which serves as the URL of your event, it will result in a 406 error.

InEvent Partners can help you with your integrations!

If you are looking for someone to help you with the API integrations you need, check out EventMarket, our exclusive marketplace with dozens of certified partners that will help you ensure everything runs smoothly at your event.

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