Card Reader

With InEvent's Card reader, it is easy to capture information about participants and other leads during your events. With the card reader, you can scan participants' business cards and automatically send the information to the platform for follow-up after the event.

Additionally, event organizers can rate and qualify leads or add extra information as needed after the scanning process is complete.

How do I enable the Card reader feature?

To set up the Card reader feature for your event, you first need to enable the Data collector tool.

To enable this tool, go to Settings > Tools > Pass. Click the Edit button and locate the Data collector tool. Toggle the corresponding button to turn green. Once done, press End to save your changes.

Image showing Data Collector under Settings > Tools

To disable the Data collector tool, simply toggle the button to go off.

After enabling Data Collector from the Tools page, you also need to ensure that the feature is visible from the Virtual Lobby of your event.

To make the feature visible from the Virtual Lobby, go to Settings > Tabs > Web app. Press the Edit button at the top right corner, and make the Card reader tab visible (as shown below). Press End to save your changes.

Image showing how to make the card reader visible on the virtual lobby

If you want the Card reader tab to appear in your Virtual Lobby so you can create leads for your event, ensure that it is set to visible.

How do I configure the card reader?

To configure the Card reader, navigate to People > Card reader. Here, you will be able to access three options from the left panel:

  • Leads
  • Fields
  • Preview
Image showing the card reader options on the platform


The Leads page displays the list of leads that have been captured during your event with the use of the Card reader. Each lead will be described with the following pieces of information, as captured from their business cards.

  • ID: An automatic id assigned to each lead on the InEvent platform.
  • Scanned by: The name of the person who captured the lead.
  • First name: The lead's first name.
  • Last name: The lead's last name.
  • Email: The lead's email address.
  • Role: The lead's role.
  • Company: The company the lead works for.
  • Telephone: The lead's phone number.
  • Website: The lead's website address.
  • Date: The specific date and time that the lead was captured.
If you have added any additional fields to the default questions on the Card reader, answers to these additional questions will also be included with the information present on the Leads page.


With the Fields tab, you can add and manage custom fields in addition to the default fields that are present on the Card reader.

Adding custom fields in the Fields tab

To add a custom field, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the +Add field button at the top left of the page.
  2. Enter the Field title and subtitle in the resulting dialog box.
  3. Choose a Field answer type from the drop-down. A list of all available Field answer types can be found here.
  4. Press the blue Create button.
Gif showing how to add custom questions to lead fields
Deleting custom fields from the Fields tab

To delete custom fields from the fields tab, follow the steps outlined here.


The preview option on the left panel provides event organizers with a direct link to access the Card reader. Clicking on the Preview option will direct organizers to the Card reader tab, which is located within the Virtual lobby Attendee centre.

How does the Card reader work?

The Card reader feature works by using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence easily scans and reads the text images from business cards, and automatically converts the visual data on these cards into editable text contents. Event organizers can then use the text contents in filling out the Lead retrieval forms.

When using the Card reader, ensure to go through the converted information, to verify that the OCR mechanism captures and reads the image text correctly.

How do I use the Card reader in the Virtual Lobby?

To use the Card reader in an event, make sure you are connecting to the Virtual Lobby using a mobile phone browser. The Card reader requires mobile phone camera access in order to scan and retrieve data from business cards.

After accessing the Virtual Lobby through a mobile phone browser, complete the following steps to scan your lead information into InEvent with the Card reader:

  1. Click the menu icon at the top left of your screen.
  2. Select the Card reader option from the left panel.
  3. Click the green Scan button at the lower part of your phone screen. (You will see a pop-up asking you to grant InEvent access to your camera and microphone, click Allow.)
  4. Center the business card information within the camera frame and click on Capture.
  5. Make further edits to the lead information from the next screen, and add responses to custom questions (if present).
  6. Press Done to save your changes.

A gif showing how to use the card reader

All lead information from previously scanned business cards will be available under the Card reader tab on the Virtual Lobby. You can click on each lead and further edit each captured detail, as shown below:

Image showing editable lead fields in the virtual lobby

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