Event map

The event map is a valuable feature designed to enhance the experience of your participants or guests by offering them a precise visual representation of the event's location. This tool presents a customizable map that allows you to define the specific area relevant to your event. Additionally, it provides a selection of icons strategically placed on the map, serving as effective guides for navigating and locating different aspects of your event's setup.

This feature is available in the V&H Pro and V&H Full plans.

Enabling the tool

To enable the tool, navigate to Settings > Tools > and then scroll down to the field Live where you will find a checkbox next to the tool Event Maps.

Click on the button Edit on the top right corner of the page, and then toggle the switch so that it is green. Click on the button End to finalize.

Image showing the Event map tool in Settings > Tools page. To activate it, tick the checkbox next to it

Once you refresh the page, you will be able to click on the Event Map tab in the drop down menu of the Event section. After you do so, click on the button Create Event map to set up your customized map.

Image showing the event map page tab

Adding the address

Start by setting up the address of the event in the map provided in the Details tab.

Go to Event > Details and select the mode of your event from the drop down menu of Event mode after clicking on the Edit button as shown below:

Gif showing how to set up the  map in the Details page

Creating the event map

Once you click on the Create event map button, you can add your Event Map Name and the address as well as the description.

You will also be able to contour the exact area of your location by clicking on the button Draw boundary.

Click to create the dot on the first corner of the area you wish to enclose, and then click again to create another dot in the opposite corner, a line will automatically link both dots.

Once you have created as many dots as necessary, you can drag the dot to improve the shape. To finalize, click on Lock position and then click on the Save button.

Gif showing how to add the location to the map and contour the exact area

How do I edit the event map?

You can edit the description box of the event map by clicking on See details and the event map itself by clicking on the blue Edit button in order to customize the map with structures and places of interest.

Editing the description box

To edit the description box of the event map, click on See details.

You will be able to change the text, the font of the text, add bullet points, add a link, add media and insert source code.

Gif showing how to edit the event map

Editing the event map

To add your customizations to your event map, click on the blue Edit Map button.

Once you do, you will be able adjust the visibility of the map on the grid and you can also adjust the grid visibility, capacity and color.

You will also be able to add Floors, Areas, Structures and Places of interest.

Gif showing the event map customizable edit

Adding floors

You can add a floor by clicking on the Floors tab and clicking on the + sign.

Enter the name of the floor and it will be added. You can then add more Areas, Structures, and Places of Interest.

The elevator you added on the ground floor will appear on the first floor as well, since that is where it will take guests.
Gif showing how to add a floor in the event map

Editing and deleting floors

To edit or delete a floor, click on the pen icon in the floor tab and you will be able to edit the name. You will also be able to remove the floor by clicking on Remove.

Gif showing how to delete a floor
Adding areas

Areas allow you to add defined places such as exhibitors or sponsors. You can add a customized area by clicking on the Area drop down and dragging one of the two square areas provided.

You can add Area Name, adjust Area size, Pick a color, Upload image and add a Description. Once you are done, close the window by clicking on the X on the top right.

If you click on the newly created area icon whether the circle under Created areas or the square in the map, the window will open and you can make further edits to the area.

To delete an Area, Structure or Place of interest, click on the icon on the map that you want to delete or you can click on the circle beneath Created Areas, Created Structures or Created places of the place you want to delete, which will trigger a pop-up window. Click on the Delete button within it to delete the icon.
Gif showing how to add a customized area on the event map

Adding Structures

Structures are existing parts of a place such as rest rooms, stairs and elevators.

To add structures, drag and drop the icons in the appropriate position.

Add the Area Name, Area size (you can resize by dragging the icon itself as well), Pick a color and Upload an image and add a Description.

Gif showing how to add structures

For a more detailed description, you can also add corridors.

Be aware that you can only create corridors after adding a main entrance.

To add corridors, click on + Create corridors and click next on the icon that is in close proximity to where you want to create a corridor. Then, click on the location where you want the corridor to connect to. This way a line will automatically connect the two points.

Once you are done creating all the corridors, click Enter on your keyboard to cancel the editor.

Gif showing how to create corridors

To remove a corridor, click on the + Create corridor button, then select the part of the corridor you wish to delete. Press the Delete button on your keyboard. Click on the Cancel corridors editor to finalize your changes.

Removing a corridor
Adding places of interest

Points of interest are places like food areas, information desks and ticket purchase offices.

To add a place of interest click on the Places of Interest section and click on + New place of interest. Add the Area Name, Pick a color, add a Description and the close the window by clicking on X.

Click on the place in the map you want the place of interest to appear and it will appear there as shown below:

Gif showing how to add a place of interest on the event map

Map on/off

The Map on/off switch located at the top left corner of the page, allows you to choose to either keep the location map around the event map by switching to Map on or to remove it by switching to Map off.

Gif showing how to turn Map On/Off


Grid on/off allows you to choose to display a grid on your map or remove it by toggling the switch on or off.

An alert notification appears once you switch the grid on or off to inform you that this can affect the performance of the map.

Grid Opacity allows you to control how sharp and clear your grid is by setting it to the desired percentage. The higher the percentage, the more opaque and dark the grid will be.

Grid color allows you to select the desired grid color by clicking on the corresponding box.

Gif showing the grid control options on the map


You can zoom in or out when editing your map by clicking on the + icon to zoom in and the - icon to zoom out.

Image showing how to zoom in and out

Removing the event map

To remove the event map click on See details then click on the delete button and click on Delete once again in the confirmation pop-up.

Gif showing how to remove the event map

Enabling the Event map tab

You have to enable the Event map tab so participants can view the event map. To do so, navigate to Settings > Tabs and click on Web app. Click on Edit and check the box next to Event Map.

Image showing the Event map tab on Web app

Once you enable the tab from the backend, the Event Map tab from the front end of the Virtual Lobby will appear on the left menu for attendees as shown below:

Image showing the map tab which appears after it has been enabled from Settings>Tabs

Setting the Event map as visible

For the Map to be available for attendees to view in the Event Map tab, set the event map to Visible from the backend, by navigating to Event > Event map. To set the map to visible, click on Edit and then tick the box next to Visible.

A gif showing how to set the Event map to visible

The map will then be available for attendees to see when they click on the Event Map tab:

image showing event map

The map will display differently depending on the template mode set, whether you have selected Normal, Light or Dark. You can change the mode by navigating to Event > Virtual Lobby and selecting the desired mode from the Change template mode dropdown menu. To learn more on how to change template modes, refer to the Virtual Lobby article.

For a visual representation of how the map appears when the Light and Dark modes are enabled, see images below:

  • When Light mode is enabled, the map will appear as shown below:
Image showing how the event map looks like when the light mode is enabled

  • When Dark mode is enabled, the map will appear as shown below:
How the event map looks like when dark mode is enabled

How do participants view the event map?

In the front end of the Virtual Lobby, participants will be able to view the event map by clicking on the Event Map tab which you have enabled in the above section.

Viewers can click on the icons to have the name of the icon appear, they can see the image provided and the description provided.

They can also select any place from the search bar or search for it.

Viewers can also select an icon and click on the How to get there button in the bottom bar in order to be guided to the pathway they must take to reach it.

Viewers can select any of the floors the map has by clicking on them from the tabs on the right G, F1 etc...

Viewers can also zoom in and out by clicking on the + and - signs in the bottom right corner.

Gif showing how participants will view the event map and how to use it.

Enabling your GPS will provide you with directions to the event's location from your current position, guiding you along the most optimal route.

Adding favorites on the map

You can add places of interest and areas as favorites, allowing you to easily select them from the Favorites list that will be automatically created once you add any of these to favorites.

To add a place of interest or area as a favorite, click on the star next to the corresponding field, once the star turns yellow in color, the place will be added to your favorites list.

Structures (elevators, stairs, bathrooms, exits) can not be added as favorites.

You can also add search for the place you have added as a favorite in the search bar and it will appear in the Favorite list.

Gif showing how users can add favorites to the map

To undo a favorite, click on the star again and the place of interest or area will return to the Others list:

Gif showing users how to undo favourites

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