Event templates help you to save time when creating multiple events or webinars. You can easily create events using the already laid-out structure of the event templates.

This article intends to teach you how to create event templates and how to use them to create your events and webinars.

What can I set in my template?

When creating or editing an event template, you can configure numerous items in the Event, Agenda, People, Marketing, and Settings section of the platform. Additionally, you can also set up tasks for the Template Wizard.


The items you can configure in the Event section are as follows:


The items you can configure in the Agenda section are as follows:


In the People section, you can set up Lists.


The items you can configure in the Marketing section are as follows:


The items you can configure in the Settings section are as follows:


You can use the Template Wizard to create Tasks to assist when you are setting up your event. For more information on the Template Wizard and its Tasks, refer to our Template Wizard article.

Global templates

When initiating your event creation process, InEvent offers a choice of six global templates for you to select from. These templates help to accelerate the event creation process, providing a convenient guide for setting up conferences, summits, team-building events, and more, without the need to create custom templates.

InEvent's Global templates cannot be customized like custom templates. If you wish to tailor the template to your preferences before creating events, it is recommended to create a custom template.

Global templates

When you create an event using any of these global templates, the event mode will be Hybrid (Virtual + InPerson). The event cover will display the name of the template used. It also features pre-set elements such as activities, sponsors, and exhibitors, speakers, ticket etc.

You can continue setting up the event to fit your needs. Refer to this article for a guide.

Below is an example of an event using the In-person Conferences template:

Event with a global template

You can decide to disable the use of the global templates at the Company level when creating events. To disable global templates, go to Account > Tools > Block section and toggle the Disable global event templates button on.

Disabling the global event templates
Templates created by admins in an umbrella account will have the (parent) tag attached to them to differentiate them from global templates.

Templates created by admins in an umbrella account

How do I create a custom template?

To create a custom template follow these steps:

  1. Go to the company level and click on Templates from the left side menu.
  2. Click on the +New templates at the top left corner of the page.
  3. Type the name of your template, select if it's a webinar template or not, and choose the tag color.
  4. Press Create.
Create a custom template

Can I create a template from an existing event?

Yes, you can create a template from an existing event. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Events at the company level.
  2. Click Edit on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Check the box beside the event from which you want to make a template.
  4. Click Create a template. A pop-up box will appear.
  5. Press Create to confirm your selection.
GIF showing how to create a template from an existing event.

After completing the steps, you will receive this notification message at the very top part of the page:

Notification message at the very top part of the page
You will also receive a toast notification on the platform when your template has been created and is ready for use.

The newly created template can be reviewed and managed by navigating to Events > Templates. For more information, refer to the section on editing templates in this article.

Can I copy a template?

Yes. At the company level, go to the Templates page, click on Copy template and you will see a drop down menu at the Copy source (a list of all the available templates) > choose the Tag color > press Copy.

Copying a template

How do I edit the template structure?

Click on the name of the template you have created. You will be directed to the Event details page (Event > Details). You will see six tabs across the top of the platform: Event, Agenda, People, Marketing, Settings and Wizard.

Inside these six tabs are the features that you can customize and set as your template structure.

You can use Wizard to create tasks that will guide event organizers when setting up their event. To learn more about this feature, refer to our Wizard article.
Edit the template structure

The template will save the changes automatically, there is no save template button.

How do I use a template for Events?

To use a template which you have created for events:

  1. Go to the Company level menu and click on Events > +New event.
  2. Type in your new event name, then select the template from the drop-down bar.
  3. Press the blue create button
Screnshot of company level >events

Now your new event will contain the same structure and settings from your template.

How do I delete a template?

To delete a template in which you have created:

  1. Click on Templates at the company level
  2. Press Edit on the right corner
  3. Select the template you wish to delete
  4. Then press the Remove button in the top right corner.
  5. Confirm at the new window by pressing Remove
Delete a template

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