Virtual Lobby

Virtual Lobby is a tool that allows your events to happen virtually. An online environment that can broadcast from a large networking event, a single session or even several simultaneous sessions of individual conversations.

With this tool, it is possible to watch the sessions that you have registered or are interested in, switch rooms, participate in a chat group, or even a one-to-one conversation, just by clicking on the name of the attendee you choose.

Find out which rooms or activities are available, as well as presentations, content and people who are in the same environment as you.


  • Host: one host per room. They can add, remove and grant presentation access to presenters and also himself / herself.
  • Presenter: up to 17 per room, with video, audio and screen sharing capabilities.
  • Participants: up to 100,000 from either the Virtual Lobby or from the embed live stream link.

Available resources

  • Screen sharing: Share your current screen with picture-in-picture support.
  • Microphone control: Define which speakers and guests can speak during your panel or live sessions.
  • Networking: Click on an attendee to begin a face to face conversation
  • Group chat: Create an interactive chat room with live messages from participants.
  • Analytics (all metrics): Generate reports with live video sessions, audience, bandwidth and more.
  • File sharing: Share materials that can be viewed and downloaded .
  • Live streaming: Stream your sessions live to your website.
  • Sponsorship advertisements: add advertisements in image form for your sponsors, inside the sessions

How do I set up my online event?

Your event must be set as Published, Public, Visible and Online

When set to Online / Virtual , a link will automatically be generated to access and view the Virtual Lobby:

You can also access the Virtual Lobby by clicking Event > Virtual Lobby > Preview

Screenshot of how to access the Lobby. Event > Virtual Lobby > Preview

How do I set up my Virtual Lobby preferences?

To do so, click on Event > Virtual Lobby. On this page, you'll be able to upload a background image, select the layout you'd like to use, enable or disable Networking, Polls and Files, among other options.

Gif showing the Virtual Lobby page in the backend

How do I select the layout I would like to use?

You will see a drop down bar with the two Lobby layout types.

Screenshot of the layout options: Classic and Neo
  1. The Classic layout
  2. The Neo layout

Click here to learn the difference between these two layouts.

Can I set up the welcome card outline?

If you have selected the Classic layout, you will not see this option.

When using the Neo layout, you will be able to set up the welcome card disposition. You should see two options:

Screenshot of welcome card outline
  1. Overlay contents: if you select this option, the newsfeed and the general description will overlay the event cover.
Screenshot of overlay content

  1. Display contents: if you select this option, the newsfeed won't overlay the video and the general description should appear right below the event cover.
Screenshot of the display content option

How do I set up the activity layout type?

If you have selected the Classic layout, you will not see this option.

To select your activity cover size and style, you should click on the drop down bar under Activity layout type.

Click here to learn more about it.

How do I set up the welcome card?

Under Interface you'll have two cover types options.

If you select Default event cover, the cover image you updated on the event details page will reflect on the Lobby cover as well.

The text that will appear on the right hand side of the Welcome card in the Lobby is the general description added on the event details page.

Can I hide the welcome card?

It's important to remember that for the Welcome cover to appear on the Lobby, you'll need to make sure Hide Welcome is not enabled under the Virtual Lobby settings.

Can I have a video as an event cover?

To add a video as an event cover, select Video cover and insert an Youtube link in the black space that follows

This is what your Virtual Lobby welcome card will look like:

How do I change the font style for the Virtual Lobby?

You will be able to choose the font style of your preference under Font style.

Virtual Lobby Settings

Under settings, you can enable or disable the following features:

Screenshot of virtual lobby settings

  • Feed: if you enable it, the Virtual Lobby will display a series of content, overriding the event information
  • Networking: if you enable, the Virtual Lobby will show the list of attendees who are online in your event
  • Comments: if you enable it, the Virtual Lobby will allow comments to be sent out during activities. You should see a Chat tab inside the room if Comments is enabled.
  • Polling: if you enable it, the Virtual Lobby will allow live polling and dynamic quizzes to be created and answered during activities. You should see a Poll tab inside the room if Polling is enabled.
  • Profile lock: if you enable it, you will be restricting access to all the tolls with personal data such as networking and profile editing.
  • Email lock: if you enable it, you will be blocking email from attendees on registration and interactions.
  • Hide welcome: if you enable it, the welcome card will be hidden so you will not have a card with description and cover at the top of your Virtual Lobby.
  • Hide sponsor logo: if you enable it, sponsor logos will not be display on the left side of your activities titles in the Virtual Lobby.
  • Collapse networking area: if you enable it, Networking and Group Rooms should collapse on top bar instead of appearing on the bottom in the right hand side of the screen.

How do I change the background image?

If you wish to have an image as the background instead of just a plain color, press Edit and click on the red bar to upload the image you wish. Press End to save the changes.

How do I decide which WebRTC provider I'm going to use?

WebRTC is a free, open-source project that provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication via simple application programming interfaces. It allows audio and video communication to work inside web pages by allowing direct peer-to-peer communication.

You will have two video providers available in the Virtual Lobby: and Tokbox.

Recommended for events in Asia, Latin America, Africa and other locations.


Recommended for events in the United States and Europe that wish to comply with GDPR and SOC 2. Not recommended for Asia, Latin America and other locations.

For this option to appear, click on Settings > Tools > scroll down until the Extra section and make sure Use Tokbox is enabled.

Tokbox is still in Beta, which means we cannot guarantee your connection will be working perfectly in all regions.

Configuring online activities

To configure your activities, go to Agenda > Activities > select the activity and click Edit (top right). The Details tab contains the settings for your activity, including the possibility of making it a virtual room.

Sponsors and Advertisement

You can enable sponsor advertisements inside a session. The Adds will appear in the top right corner if you are using the Classic layout and in the bottom left if you are using the Neo layout.

If you add multiple adverts they will alternate, based on the preference you have set between; less important/important/more important.

Click here to learn how to add your sponsors and create ads.

How do I change the colors of the Virtual Lobby?

You can customize the colors of your virtual environment according to your preference.

To do it, on the company menu press COMPANY > DETAILS.

You' can change the "Background color", "Bar color" and "Main color" using the hexadecimal code of the color you want.

Virtual Lobby Analytics

Here you will be able to find the virtual lobby reports, including how many views your sessions have received, who has view your sessions, how long each attendee spent in your sessions.

To see more on the virtual lobby Click Here

How to make access to the virtual platform available to Attendees?

  1. Via registration form

If your event has a form for registering attendees, you will be able to access the Virtual Lobby after completing the registration.

  1. Via website

You can add a My Account section to the website so attendees will be able to access the Lobby through your website.

  1. Via email

We recommend adding the virtual lobby link to the confirmation email.

To learn more about how the attendees and speakers can access the Virtual Lobby, click here: Virtual Lobby: how can participants and speakers access the event?

How can I invite speakers to present into an activity?

To clarify your doubts, please check this document.

How can I create a backstage area for my speakers and presenters?

You can create a hidden backstage area for your speakers and hosts to come and prep or talk before their session starts.

Using custom lists you can create a room which will only be visible to people on the list. To learn more please Click Here

Can I expel someone from the Virtual Lobby?

Yes, click here to learn how to delete an attendee.

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