There are a lot of good reasons why you should have attendees giving their feedbacks after the event, we can start by mentioning that you might know what improvements can be done the next time, and also to show the attendees that you are approachable and that you respect their inputs.

There are three types of surveys that can be conducted in your event:

  1. Event feedback: every attendee is able to evaluate the event.
  2. Activity feedback: only attendees enrolled in that activity can answer the survey.
  3. Sponsor rooms feedback: people who visit sponsor rooms can answer the survey.

You will be able to control and view attendees' responses in real-time.

How do I enable the feedback feature?

To enable the feedback tool, click on Settings > Tools > Edit > scroll down until you see the Live section > enable Feedback > press End to save the changes.

How do I create a feedback survey?

Event feedback

Click on: Event > Content > Feedback

Screenshot event > content > feedback

To add a new question, you need to click on  +Add question > enter your question in the indicated field > choose the answer type then press the blue Create button.

This feedback survey will be available in the mobile app and in the Virtual Lobby.

Activity feedback

To add a new question to a particular activity, press Agenda > Feedback > and select one activity.

Then, click on + Add question in the upper left corner and enter your question in the field indicated. Next, choose the answer type, and press Create.

How to create feedback surveys for activities

You can create multiple questions for each of the calendar activities. The number of questions within an activity appears in the field to the right, as shown below.

Number of questions per activity

You can create feedback forms that will pop up when users leave the sponsor room so they can rate their experience. To do that, go to Event > Sponsor, select the Sponsor, at the Details tab scroll down until you see Ask for feedback when leaving, press Edit

Click here to learn more about the sponsor feedback.

How do I configurate the questions on the form?

To learn about how to add new questions, conditional questions, the answer types, the required and visible buttons, click here.

How can I preview the feedback form?

To preview a feedback form, click on the Preview button on the submenu.

Previewing a feedback form

The feedback form will open up in a different window. You can get the URL of the page and share it with your attendees via email or social media.

Will the attendees receive a notification when a feedback survey is sent out?

In the app

At the end of the activity, the attendee will be able to see a notification in the alerts section, in the Menu. If you desire, it is possible to manually send a push notification informing the attendees about it.

You can send a notification every 10 minutes for participants to complete the survey.

To do this click on Send notification in the upper menu on the left side

screenshot feedback > send notification

When sending a push message of up to 140 characters, do not use special characters such as quotation, apostrophe, backslash, line break.

In the Virtual Lobby

For a feedback form to pop up after the user leaves the session, you'll need to go to Agenda > Activities > and select an activity.

Then, press Edit and scroll down until you see Ask for feedback when leaving and make sure it is enabled.

Feedback form popup

Once this option is enabled, you will need to create a Feedback form for this activity by following the steps mentioned above.

This is what the pop-up feedback form will look like:

Feedback form popup

How do I view and answer feedback surveys?

In the app

  1. Activity feedback

To view opinion polls for a particular activity through the app, click on  Schedule. Click Details of the activity you want to respond to then scroll down and click on FeedbackRespond to the survey and click Done.

 As soon as the activity is finished a push message will be sent to participants to respond to the survey.

You can also view feedback polls for an activity through Alerts. To do this click on Menu > Alerts then click Send feedback.

screenshot feedback alerts

  1. Event feedback

To view event feedback polls through the app, you'll click Menu > Event. Then scroll down to the interactions section and press Send feedback then you will see all the questions of the feedback polls about the event. Answer the questions and click Done.

At the end of the event, the feedback will be available in the alerts section, in the Menu. In case the attendee wishes to see and answer the feedback before the end of the event, he must go to Menu > Event > Feedback. Then click Send feedback.

screenshot send feedback app

In the Virtual Lobby

  1. Activity feedback

To access the feedback survey for specific activities, go to My Agenda. On this page, by clicking on an activity's  Details button, you will be taken to a new page with the activity's information including the option to send feedback related to that specific session by clicking Send feedback.

Gif on how to answer activity feedback on the Virtual Lobby

Besides that, if Ask for feedback when leaving has been enabled, each user will see a feedback form to pop up after leaving the session. Click here for further information.  

  1. Event feedback

To access the event feedback survey, click on your profile picture in the upper right and then select Feedback in your account menu. By doing so, a window will pop up with a feedback survey for you to answer.

Feedback for the event in the Virtual Lobby

Submissions and reports

Activity feedback

To view activities' feedbacks, you will click Agenda > Feedback > select one of the activities > Submissions.

To extract the answers, click on the Report button.

reporting submissions - activities

Event feedback

To view responses to event feedbacks, you will click on Event > Content > Feedback > Submissions.

To extract the answers, click on the Report button.

Event feedback subsmissions

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