Receive feedback from your attendees regarding the event. 

There are two types of surveys that can be conducted in your event:

  1. Feedback regarding the event itself. Every attendee is able to evaluate the event.
  2. Feedback regarding specific activities. In this case, only attendees who participated in that activity can answer the survey.

You will be able to control and view attendees responses in real-time

How do I enable the feedback feature?

To enable the feedback tool, click on Settings > Tools > Edit > scroll down until you see the Live section > enable Feedback > press End to save the changes.

How do I create a feedback survey?

For the event

Click on: Event > Content > Feedback

Screenshot event > content > feedback

To add a new question, you need to click on  +Add question > Enter your question in the indicated field > Choose the answer type then press the blue Create button.

This feedback survey will be available only in the mobile app. If you'd like to create a feedback survey to be answered on the desktop, use custom forms.

For an activity

To add a new question to a particular activity, Press Agenda > Activities and select the activity in which the question will be entered. A new window will pop up on the right side of the screen, then you should scroll down until you see See feedback.

You can also press Agenda > Feedback > and select one activity.

Press + Add question in the upper left corner.

Screenshot feedback > add question

Then enter your question in the field indicated, choose the type of answer you want and click on  Create.

screenshot add question > create

You can create different questions for each of the calendar activities. The number of questions within an activity appears in the field to the right, as shown below. If you want to add a new question to another activity, just click on the activity you want.
screenshot feedback > activities > questions

How do I edit a question that has been created?

To edit a question, click on the Edit button in the top right corner, select the question you wish to edit. Press the End button in the top right corner to finish editing. 

Screenshot edit questions

How can I remove a question from the survey?

Click on Edit > Select the Checkbox > Remove > End.

What are the different types of questions that I can have?

The types of questions are:

  • Yes or No:  Used for direct questions and quick results when analyzed.
  • Grade from 0 to 5:  Used for quantitative evaluation. E.g. Likeness of an activity.
  • Options List: Used for multiple choice questions.
  • Plain text:  Enables a free-response  for attendees to express opinions
  • Passport Field:  Used for obtaining the official passport number of attendees.
  • File Upload: Used for attendee to upload a file.
  • Multiple Choice: Here the organizer can set several multiple choice options.
  • Date+Time: Here the attendee can choose a date and time from the calendar.
  • Numeric: The attendee can only enter numbers in this field.
  • Brazilian CPF:  Used for obtaining the official CPF number of attendees.

What does the Required button mean?

By checking the Required checkbox means the attendee must answer that question to proceed. 

How do I include the answer options I want?

When you choose a list of options for the response, you can edit them as you prefer. To include your reply options click on Edit and then the list icon just below the configuration icon on the left. You can add one to one or several options at a time. To change the order drag the square icon to the left of each option to the order you would like. When finished, click End.

When is the feedback enabled for the audience to respond?

The opinion poll for an activity will only appear for the participant to respond if it is visible. To do so, mark the Visible field at the bottom of the screen.

Will the attendees receive a notification when a feedback survey is sent out?

In the App

At the end of the activity, the attendee will be able to see a notification at the alerts section, in the Menu. If you desire, it is possible to manually send a push notification, telling about the feedback.

You can send a notification every 10 minutes for participants to complete the survey.

You can send a notification every hour for participants to respond to the survey. To do this click on Send notification in the upper menu on the left side

screenshot feedback > send notification

When sending a push message of up to 140 characters, do not use special characters such as quotation, apostrophe, backslash, line break.
In the Virtual Lobby

For a feedback form to pop up after the user leaves the session, you'll need to go to Agenda > Activities > and select an activity.

Then, press Edit and scroll down until you see Ask for feedback when leaving and make sure it is enabled.

Feedback form popup

Once this option is enabled, you will need to create a Feedback form for this activity by following the steps mentioned above.

This is what the pop-up feedback form will look like:

Feedback form popup

How do I view and answer feedback surveys through the app?

For an activity

To view opinion polls for a particular activity through the app, click on  Schedule. Click Details of the activity you want to respond to then scroll down and click on FeedbackRespond to the survey and click Done.

 As soon as the activity is finished a push message will be sent to participants to respond to the survey.

You can also view feedback polls for an activity through Alerts. To do this click on Menu > Alerts then click Send feedback.

screenshot feedback alerts

For the event

To view event feedback polls through the app, you'll click Menu > Event. Then scroll down to the interactions section and press Send feedback then you will see all the questions of the feedback polls about the event. Answer the questions and click Done.

At the end of the event, the feedback will be available in the alerts section, in the Menu. In case the attendee wishes to see and answer the feedback before the end of the event, he must go to Menu > Event > Feedback. Then click Send feedback.

screenshot send feedback app

Submissions and reports

Search by activity

To view activities' feedbacks, you will click Agenda > Feedback > select one of the activities > Submissions.

To extract the answers, click on the Report button.

To view responses to event feedbacks, you will click on Event > Content > Feedback > Submissions.

To extract the answers, click on the Report button.

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