How can attendees answer feedback surveys?

If you are an attendee and you wish to give your feedback after the event, you can do it via the app or Virtual Lobby.

If you are an administrator and wish to learn how to create feedback surveys, click here.
The feedback surveys are optional. They will only be displayed as shown below if the event organizers have created them.

Answering feedback surveys on the app

  1. Activity feedback

To give your feedback on activities through the app, press Schedule. Click the Details section of the activity you want to respond to, then scroll down and click on Feedback.

Once you have finished answering the survey, click Done.

Activity feedback flow

As soon as the activity is finished, a push message will be sent to all participants to let them know about the survey.

You can also view feedback polls for an activity through Alerts. To do this click on Menu > Alerts, and click Send feedback.

screenshot feedback alerts

  1. Event feedback

To give your feedback on the event through the app, click Menu > Event. Then, scroll down to the interactions section and press Send feedback. Answer the questions and click Done.

Event feedback flow

Once the event is over, the feedback survey will be available in the Alerts section. In case the attendees wish to answer the feedback form before the end of the event, they must go to Menu > Event > Feedback and click Send feedback.

screenshot send feedback app
Sponsor feedback can only be answered from the Virtual Lobby.

Answering feedback surveys in the Virtual Lobby

  1. Activity feedback

To access the feedback survey for specific activities in the Virtual Lobby, go to My Agenda. Locate the activity and click on the Details button. This will lead you to a new page with more information about the activity. You will also get an option to send feedback related to that specific session by clicking Send feedback.

Gif on how to answer activity feedback on the Virtual Lobby

A feedback form pop-up may also appear during or after leaving an activity session if the admin has enabled this option.

Screenshot showing the feedback pop-up survey during and after sessions

If the event organizer decides to move viewers to the next session, the feedback pop-up will still appear to the users before they join the next session.
  1. Event feedback

To access the event feedback survey in the Virtual Lobby, click on your profile picture in the upper right and then select Feedback in your account menu. By doing so, a window will pop up with a feedback survey for you to answer.

Feedback for the event in the Virtual Lobby

You will see a feedback form pop up after leaving the sponsor room.

Sponsor room

  1. Exhibitor feedback

You will see a feedback form pop up after leaving the exhibitor room.

Answering an exhibitor feedback form

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