Hybrid Events

The most straightforward way to understand what hybrid events are is to think of events where both in-person and virtual components are included. In other words, can be considered hybrid events that combine face-to-face (physical) components with online (virtual) elements.

Going Hybrid

Adding a virtual element to your live event opens up many more engagement possibilities than would be possible at a strictly live project, both during and post-event. Hybrid events stimulate your audience's ability to actively participate in the discussions using their mobile devices or desktop computer, meaning they can chat, vote on polls, ask questions as a unified audience.

What features should I consider using when hosting a Hybrid event?

Hybrid events, whatever the format they have, give you the opportunity to use the following engagement tools:

  • Registration: Having customers filling up the registration form is in most cases the beginning of the participant's experience. With InEvent you can collect important data from the attendees enrolled in the event through the use of customizable forms. Please click here for more information.
  • Ticket buying: Having different ticket types for people that are attending the in-person or the virtual versions of your events can help link registrants to segmentation lists, allowing you, for example, to make specific activities available exclusively for virtual participants. To learn more about ticket management please check this article.
  • Flights, shuttles, and hotel rooms: Organizing the logistics and information of your travelers became less complicated with our platform. Using our hospitality-related tools you will be able to upload information and flight details for each attendee, upload information with the details of shuttle/transfers so that attendees know how to arrive at the event or where they will stay, and create a list of lodging options for attendees to choose their own room.
  • Newsfeed: The corporate feed can be used to share images, videos, links, information, messages, etc. related to an event. Participants can interact with one another on the feed along with the event organizer by commenting and even sharing posted content. For further information please check this article.
  • Access control: Quickly authorize attendees' entrance into an event or activity. Manage, control, and give access to participants through their own QR Code, improving your access control and reducing any possible frauds in your event. Click here to learn more.
  • Badge printing: InEvent platform exports all QR codes from your participant base to an easy printing format, making all badges available before the beginning of the accreditation. For further information, please check this article.
If you are using a Macbook for badge printing please check this article to learn how to set up your printer.
  • Content Projection: Enhance interaction between your physical and virtual audiences with real-time display of the comments, poll results, and posts from your app feed to your on sight screens or projectors. For more information please click here.
  • Networking: Enable interactions between attendees through the mobile app. Attendees can receive a generated contact list of other attendees and their information among those who are present at the event. Participants can also select to share their contact information, social network links, as well as sending a message to another attendee among those at the event. Please refer to this article for more info.
  • Commenting on live activities: Track and control the communication and interaction of participants within an activity. Please click here to learn more about sending and viewing comments through the app. Check this article for more information on live chat via the Virtual Lobby.
  • Polling:  Take audience interaction to the next level when using our mobile app and Virtual Lobby to interact both with physical and virtual audiences. Click here for more information about polling via mobile app and click here to know more about polling in the Virtual Lobby.
  • Asking questions during the sessions: Attendees can interact with the speakers with direct questions to be answered in real-time by the speaker. Click here for more information on how to ask questions on live events.
  • Answering feedback surveys: Receive feedback from your attendees regarding their experience. Click here to learn more about answering surveys via the app.
  • Analytics: Track various types of information and controls in real-time. This feature presents a variety of information so that you can carry out your decision-making and process improvement. This functionality also makes it possible to analyze ROI, post-event information, and more! Check this article for more information.

For more information on how to login into your account using the mobile app, please check this article. Click on the following links for an overview of our content base about the Hospitality and Registration tools.

Dry-run session

To avoid possible points of failure when going live, it is crucial to have your admins, room hosts, speakers/presenters, and sponsors joining a dry run session, which will simulate the participant's experience on the day of the event. Please check this article to review the topics that should be covered at your event's rehearsal.

How to get a certified partner to help me?

If you need help setting up your next Hybrid Event, please check out EventMarket, our exclusive marketplace with dozens of certified partners that will help you ensure everything runs smoothly at your event.

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