Most frequently asked API questions

This article contains a catch of the most frequently asked question about accessing and communicating with our API.

To learn how to access the API documentation please check this article. Besides that, the InEvent philosophy is 'If there's no REST documentation for this module, it doesn't exist'. That's why every single module has been documented and we have created a Developer Guide to help you integrate with our API.

How do I get my token ID?

Use person.signin and include the company id.

get my token ID

I'm having issues with the body of the request, what should I do?

Check if you are using JSON, as we do not accept it (we use URL encoded files). Click here for more info about JSON API Keys.

How many API requests could we expect per day or per registration?

We send around 5 to 6 (tops) API calls per registration. The average amount per day for our customers is around 200.

Does InEvent apply rate-limiting to the API?

Yes! We do have a rate limit of 10 requests per second. If this limit is exceeded, we return an HTML page with status code 503.

Can I use API to limit the number of participants in live recording?

Yes! Just change the value for the capacity field on activity.edit

It is possible to send a message to the entire participant base?

Yes! You must access our API and look for the event.person.remember request. By clicking on the test tube, all participants will receive the communication.

Downloading aesthetic content

Do not use an admin token for that. If what you want to do requires an admin token, we suggest using a proxy. For aesthetic content (activities, speakers, sponsors, files), make sure the event is public and visible on the Event Details page, as you won't need a token ID to access this information.

Make sure you don't expose your token ID to the public when integrating our API with your website.

Extracting Audit Reports

We track certain changes you do on the system, which can be extracted from the API here. audit.find (AUDIT). To learn more about audit reports please go to this article.


The InEvent API utilizes a hybrid RPC-REST with a 128bit encrypted connection certified by PositiveSSL CA2. For more info about information security please check this article.

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