WebRTC providers: TokBox and Agora.io

Web real-time communication (webRTC) is a free, open-source project that provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication via simple application programming interfaces. It allows audio and video communication to work inside web pages by allowing direct peer-to-peer communication.

Which webRTC providers can I use?

The InEvent platform offers two webRTC providers for you to choose from TokBox and Agora.io. By default, TokBox will be your webRTC provider for all regions.

If you wish to use Agora.io as your main server, you can, but please go to Settings > Tools > press Edit > and enable the 2nd WebRTC server.

If you wish to use Agora.io as your webRTC provider but instead of seeing the option to enable it, you see Purchase, please send a request through our support channels with the reason why you wish to use Agora.io instead of the recommended webRTC provider (TokBox).
2ND webrtc provider


Check below the specifications for webRTC connectivity:

  • Maximum resolution 1080p
  • Recommended resolution 720p
  • Maximum framerate 60fps
  • Video framerate 30fps
  • Video bitrate 5000bit
  • Video adaptive bitrate
  • No video degradation
  • Recommended 4 Mbit for uploads

Firewall configuration

If the Virtual Lobby stays in a connecting state or you can’t join a session due to a Network Error, it could mean that your networking is blocking our IP addresses through a Firewall, a Gateway, or a VPN.

If you or your company uses a firewall whitelist to restrict network access to only specific websites or software, you can use the information below to ensure that your service can connect.

TokBox and Agora.io services require access to specific ports, so if you have selected Tokbox as your WebRTC provider, click here to check the requirements that must be met. If you have selected Agora.io as your WebRTC provider, click here.

You can always test if your connection is going through by running a system check.

Choosing the streaming protocol

Streaming protocol
A streaming protocol is a standardized method of delivering multimedia, usually video and/or audio, over the internet. Selecting the right protocol starts with defining what you’re trying to achieve. Latency, playback compatibility, and viewing experience can all be impacted. 

You don't necessarily need to use WebRTC, there are other streaming protocol options.

Click here for further information about the room video modes offered by InEvent.

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