Accreditation via Macbook

For computer printing, you must search for the attendee (People > Attendees) and click on their name. In the side editing window that opens, click the print icon (it will have a red ball).  

Then download the plugin

Image showing the plugin download.

After installation, click the InEvent icon on the top bar of your computer and get the numeric code. Enter the code in the Connection window as instructed, and click Connect.

Numeric code for the printer.

The connection is complete when the ball icon color of the print icon turns green. After connecting, you can choose which printer will be the credential. And then click the participant name again and then click the credential print icon.

The connection to the computer is only made at the beginning of the process. After entering the code and selecting the printer, you just need to find the attendees and click on the print icon.

Image showing ball icon color of the print icon turning green.

How can I pre-print or bulk print badges for all or multiple attendees?

To print badges in bulk or print pre-print badges you will require a MacBook or computer running macOS, the following does not work on computers running Windows operating systems.
  1. Navigate to People > Attendees.

People > Attendees.

  1. Click on Edit and then Select, which will place a check next to all users, allowing you to end them in bulk. You will then see a Bulk Edit № People screen on the right of your browser, at the bottom of this screen select Print Badges.
Steps on how to bulk print badges.
If you want to print multiple badges, although not all, you can manually check the boxes next to the attendees you wish to print.

  1. To finish printing the badges please follow the steps at the beginning of this article.

The printer connected to the Macbook has stopped printing, how do I proceed?

This can occur for some reasons, mainly because of internet swing. If you find that the printer that is connected to your Macbook is no longer printing, follow this simple step-by-step:

  1. Unplug the Macbook printer USB
  2. Go to the Macbook settings
  3. Click printers
  4. Note that the Brother printer in the list will be red. In the lower corner, you will see a + and - sign. Select the Brother printer and delete it from the list by clicking the - button.
  5. Plug the printer back via USB cable into the Macbook, it will automatically be added to your list of printers, and it will be green
  6. Go back to the platform on the attendee screen and press the F5 key to refresh the page

With this step by step, the printer will return to normal operation.

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