Our accreditation software allows the participant to print their credential by QR code reading, or by searching for their name, email, or other search parameters. Printing usually takes from 3 to 7 seconds.

Technology Requirements

The technical requirements for accreditation vary depending on the format it will have at your event. It can be either self-service or with the support of promoters at each credential printing station. 

Check out the possibilities below:

Type of accreditation


Accreditation with promoters


Brother QL - 820, QL-810w, QL- 700

Brother QL 820, QL-810w, or Brother QL-700


Samsung Tablets with Android 4.0 or later

Mac OS X 10.8 or later / Windows 7 or laterComputers can have browsers:- Chrome V 40 (or later)- Mozilla Firefox V 7 (or later)-  Safari V 9 (or later)


0.5 MB per printer

0.5 MB per printer


110  V (Connect up to 2 printers in the same outlet)

110 V(Connect up to 2 printers in the same outlet)

Number of Promoters

1 for every 3 accreditation stations

1 Per accreditation station

Please note that without an internet connection, the system will not be able to synchronize data. And if the power is 220V, it will burn the equipment.

How do I register the collector profile?

First, you need to create a Collector profile in the list of attendees, and with that profile, log in to the app so that this user can read QR codes. Click here to learn how to register the collector profile.

Credential setup: configuring the badges

To configure the badges that will be printed, go to Marketing > Registration > Printing label.

Printing label

Setting the background image

To set the background of your self-accreditation tablet, press Edit in the upper right corner, and you will have two options to choose from:

  1. Horizontal: The image should be exactly 1920x1080 (px by px). 
  2. Portrait: The image should be exactly 1080x1920 (px by px)
Image showing the background of Self-Accreditation Tablet (Horizontal & Portrait).

We recommend images without texts so as not to confuse the attendees.

Setting the label type

There are 30 label templates that you can choose from. They vary in dimension, title and subtitle, and whether or not there is a QR code.

Under Title, Subtitle, and Extra, you will find the fields from your registration form to compose your credential information. Therefore, if you want content different from the default options, you must configure the registration form beforehand.

Gif on how to set up the label

Setting up the badge details and accreditation behaviors

Other details
  • Alignment: Set whether the text lines are Left, Center, or Right aligned on the credential. This alignment does not affect the position of the QR code.
  • Caps- Lock: Set whether the contents of the credential will be all in caps-lock or will be as filled by the participant/organizer.
  • Has form: If you want your attendee to submit the registration form on the tablet, leave the Yes option selected. 
We do not recommend enabling this option on your tablet when tickets are sold.
  • Maximum print cap per attendee: Define how many credentials each attendee can print. 
The limit on the same tablet regardless of the configured limit will always be one. Therefore, if printing limits are above two, the attendee must perform the extra print at another point of service.
  • Search by: Choose the search parameter that your attendee will use in self-accreditation. If you want an option other than the attendees' Email, Name or email, or User, you must first configure the registration form.
  • Show partial results: If set to Yes, the system will return the 10 results linked to that search, whether complete or not. If No is set, the system only returns a result that is exactly the same as the search parameter.
For example, consider the name 'Ash the Astronaut' and that 'Search by' has been defined as 'Name or e-mail'. If set to Yes, the attendee who enters a part of the name ('Ash' 'Astronaut') can already find the first 10 results linked to these searches.  If set to No, the attendee will only find their credential when entering the complete name or e-mail.
  • Should print badge after NFC sync: If set to Yes, a badge will be printed after an attendee synchronizes their NFC band.
  • Should check-in after printing badge or syncing NFC: If set to Yes, the attendee will be checked-in once their badge is printed. You can also activate this option by clicking on the Settings button in the top right corner of the page and enabling Check-in post NFC.
Screenshot showing the settings pop-up with the NFC tool on the settings page

Click here for further information on accreditation and access control with NFC.

Performing the accreditation via tablet

To perform the accreditation via tablet, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the app for your event to your tablet.
  2. Log in with one of the collector profiles.
  3. Go to the Menu tab and click Accreditation.
  4. Press Printer Settings to configure your printer settings.
  5. Select Reader for badge Printing and choose the printer.

Badge printing on the app

Accreditation via Macbook

Click here to learn how to perform the accreditation via Macbook.


We recommend having a location with at least two computers and two printers for every 800 participants for troubleshooting purposes. 

In general, information changes occur on the Attendee list screen (People > Attendees). On this page, you can add new attendees and their information, edit other attendee credentials and also reprint credentials.

See below the most common troubleshooting cases:

  • New Subscribers:  To register new attendees follow these instructions. Make sure you fill out the credential fields correctly, then click the print icon.
  • Reprint credentials: In the list of attendees (People > Attendees), search for the attendee, and then click Edit. In the editing side window, scroll down to the Print item. Zero the item and click End. Now, click the credential print button.


  • Credential information changes:  Still on the attendee's list, search for the attendee, then click Edit. Change the information as required by the attendee and clear the number of prints on the field shown above. Click End, and then click the print button for the credential.

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