Digital Ticket Voucher

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Digital Voucher

Each event attendee will receive a specific ticket category at the time of their registration. These tickets can be integrated with other websites related to their ticket. 

Attendees can receive tickets either by email or through the mobile application (if downloaded). The event organizer can control the time  the vouchers will be available. 

These vouchers contain various information that can be useful, such as:  a unique QR code for the attendee, attendee’s name and information, as well as acting as a ticket to go through access controls.

How to enable the Voucher Tool 

The Voucher Tool needs to be enabled. to verify: Event > Configuration > Tools > Edit > Check the Voucher box > End.

Next, click on People >  View Attendees, choose an attendee and click on the name. Click Edit,  then on: "See voucher".

When you click on "See voucher" a new tab will appear, containing a PDF file with ALL of the attendee’s registered information: their QR Code, the ticket category, their entry for access to the accreditation, and their logistics/hospitality (transportation, lodging) information. To learn more about these options and how to configure them, click on: Ticket Management and  Logistics and Flight Management

How can attendees access their voucher?

The voucher link can be emailed to every attendee the day before the event. The event organizer can send the PDF file, a download through the platform must be done, to then send to the attendees.

The attendee can also access their own voucher through their smartphone’s application. Just click on: Menu > Voucher.

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