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White Label

The visual identity of a enterprise or company is essential so they can become a strong brand. InEvent platform allows the customization of images and colors in order for your company can have all the identity details reflected in the cloud and on the event app.

Which items can i customize for my event app?

By purchasing Basic, Advanced, or Full packages, you will have the ability to have a White-Label application to manage all your company events.

In this application you can customize:

  • Application name and colors (read Company Details );
  • Application images (read Company Images );
  • the four default texts on the activity buttons;
  • select which locks and moderations will be active ( Event Tools in the Control and Lockout sections);
  • define how to login to the app (read Login to the app ).
  • insert PDFs in the hotel and restaurant tips menu and external links with your Live Stream (read Customizable Tabs );
  • change tab names and visibility;
  • change the position of menu items.

How to publish my app?

Firstly you need to open the stores by creating an account in Google play store and a Business or Social account in the Apple store, click on the links below to view more information on the procedures:

1. Open a Google play store account - Click Here

2. Open an Apple Business account - Click here


Open an Apple Social (Individual) account - Click here

Once you have the login access for the stores (email address' and passwords) input the credentials into the Company Details page of the platform.

When all items on the Company Details , Company Images , and Legal tabs are completed, you should bookmark your application for publication.

Click on Edit. In company details , make sure you have already entered the colors, names, app description, main link (your company website), keywords, and store logins and passwords (Android and iOS). Otherwise, update the information.

Check if the JSON key has already been entered in the Android specific field (for how to extract, see Adding users within stores ).

With this information filled in, check the Send Android to Google Play? and then check the Submit iOS for review in iTunes? boxes.

When you are done, click END.

If your business does not allow you to share the Google Play and App Store stores login and password, please refer to the APP Publishing Methods document.

Where will the app be available?

Your event app will be available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be accessed and downloaded for free from the app stores. If the attendee does not have access to any of these services, he / she may also interact via email and website.

Frequently asked questions

I would like to change the application's initial phrase "Discover an even more inspiring experience during [...]". Is it possible?

This phrase is standard in our global applications. Its structure is fixed, but if you want to delete the screen, you must notify the Customer Success responsible for your account. It takes 5 business days to update the app and remove the screen with the phrase.

Can we delete the login and password fields so that the attendee can directly access the contents of the schedule?

The InEvent application requires the attendee to be authenticated to have access to syllabus. Therefore, we suggest that a simplified form of login, such as single sign-up, is used. Read more about ways to access in App Login .

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