Settings: Event Status List

As an event organizer, you can easily create statuses that can be associated with the the events within your company. This article will guide you on how to create statuses to associate with your events.

How do I create status types

You can create status types in which you can use in grouping your created statuses. To do this:

The Generic status type is created by default.
  1. Navigate to Event > Settings > Status list at the company level.
  2. Click on the +Add type button and enter the type of Status you wish to create.
  3. Press Create.
Creating status types

How do I create a status?

To create a status, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Add status.
  2. Enter the status name.
  3. Select the status type from the Type drop-down.
  4. Select whether or not it is an Ending status by choosing Yes or No.
  • Ending statuses: This type indicates that all tasks and objectives have been successfully completed. Use ending status to mark events that have reached their conclusion.
  • Progressive statuses: This type indicates that tasks are still ongoing and have not yet been completed. Use progressive status for events that are currently in progress and not yet finished.
If No is selected, it will be displayed under the Progressive status field. Click here to learn ore about the status types.
  1. Click on Create.

How do I reorder a status?

You can re-order the statuses created under the Progressive statuses field. To do this, simply click on Edit, and then use the drag and drop icon beside the statuses to reposition them as you wish.

Reordering statuses

How do I remove a status?

To remove a status, click on Edit in the top right corner of the status list page, click on the red thrash icon beside the status you wish to remove.

Once a status is removed, it will also be removed from all the events linked to it.
Re-ordering statuses

How do I associate my event with a status?

To associate your event with a status, click on the desired event from the company level and follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Event > Details page of the event.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. Locate the Event type and select the event type from the drop-down.
  4. Locate the Event status field and select the status of the event type you wish to associate with your event.
  5. Press End to save your changes.
If you wish to change or remove the event type or status linked to your event, you can simply click on the specific drop-down and select a different event type or status or you can select No event type or No status.

To use statuses created under the Generic status type, select the desired status from the Event status field, ensuring no status type is chosen in the Event type field. Once a generic status is associated with an event, it will appear in the first Status column on the Events page at the company level.

You can also filter events to show only those that have statuses within the Generic status type.

Generic statuses

How do I associate my section with a status?

After creating fields and linking them to sections, you can ensure that the fields are only visible if an event is at certain status when viewed from the Event > Details page.

To do this, link statuses to sections. Click on Edit, select the section you want to add a status to, and choose the desired status from the Minimum status progression drop-down menu. This way, only users with the linked status can view the fields associated with that section.

To view the sections withholding a certain status, click on Edit, then select the Event Type (which is the category in which you created your event statuses) and then proceed to select the desired Event status. After you have selected the event status, refresh your page and scroll down to see the fields within the sections that withhold the status you selected.

To learn about creating sections, check out our article Settings: Event sections.

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