Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery

Add event photo's to a single album that the attendee can access and view through the app at any time.

How to Insert Photo's for the Event


To insert the images, click the "ADD PHOTO" button in the top left corner. The recommended size is 750x750 px per px.

Press the red button containing the folder icon then choose the image you wish to upload.

To delete photo's from the gallery, press the 'EDIT' button.

Tick the check box on the top corner of the photo that you would like to delete and press the 'REMOVE' button. Once you have finished, press the 'END' button.

To confirm the removal of the photo, click the red remove button.

How can the attendee see the photo album of the event?

The photos of the event will be in the Photo Gallery tab of the App. Press 'MENU' then press 'PHOTO GALLERY' inside the App to view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I insert other graphic material (gifs or videos) in the gallery?

Our Photo Gallery accepts only image files. If you need to insert videos or Gifs, we suggest using posts in the Corporate Feed (Timeline),

 inserting as downloadable materials in the Files folder or inserting as Customizable Tabs.