Creating a backstage area for your speakers

Within the InEvent platform, you have 2 ways of having an area where your Speakers can meet and prep before the activity they are speaking in starts.

Below you'll find a step-by-step outlining how to complete each of these:

Allowing speakers early access inside the activities they will speak in

In Event > Speakers, create profiles for your speakers with all their information. On that page, link the speaker's profile to their attendee profile, and make sure their attendee profile has Presenter access permissions.

To learn more about all features mentioned, check out the related FAQ list down below:

- Speakers

- Attendees List

  1. Create the activity they're going to speak at, and add them as Speakers.

In Agenda > Activities, go to the Speakers tab and add the respective Speakers to that activity.

To learn more about this, click here

And you're done! With these settings, speakers will be able to join the activities they'll be presenting at before it starts, to prepare themselves and interact with other speakers.

Creating a Green Room where speakers can go to before and after their activity

Using people lists, you can create a room which will only be visible to people on the list.

  1. Create the list of speakers

First you need to create the list. Go to People > Lists > New list

Then name the list (for example - Backstage list)

To learn more Click Here

  1. Add the speakers to the list

Bulk move:

Go to People > Attendees, and click on Edit. Tick the check box of each speaker you would like to add to the list, and in the menu to the right, find your list in the drop down menu of 'Add to list'. Then click 'Run bulk operation'

You can also add your speakers manually or via spreadsheet. To learn how, click here.

This process can be used if your speakers have not registered yet. Once complete, the speakers will now be added to your list.

  1. Create the room

Go to Agenda > Activities > Add activity.

Set the title, dates, and times of this activity and click 'Create'

Next, inside the activity settings, you will need to configure the following:

  • Make sure the Virtual Room option is ticked
  • Add a room cover (if you don't, the cover will be a color block)
  • Select the room host
  • Untick Automatic enrollment (disable)

To learn more about these configurations click here

  1. Add the list to the room

Inside the activity you created, click on People lists. Click Edit and choose the list you created. Then click Add list

And now you're good to go! With this, you'll have a separate room for speakers to test their cameras and microphones, as well as prepare to the sessions. This activity will only be visible for the people in the linked list, so attendees won't see it on their Virtual Lobby.

In both options, your speakers either need to be linked and added to the activity as a speaker, or the room host/admin will need to be able to invite them to talk. Alternatively, you can set their permission to Presenter in People > Attendees, however this will grant them access to their mic and camera for all activities. To learn more about different permissions and what they enable each attendee to do, click here

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