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With the Custom List tool, event organizers can segment individuals into different groups that will be given their own agendas, notifications, emails, among many other features.

Video Summary

How to create a Custom List

The first step in segmenting people into different lists is to begin by creating a new list. To do this, go to the InEvent platform and click on  PEOPLE > CUSTOM LISTS

Then towards the top left of the platform, Click on the '+NEW LIST' button.


Enter the name of the list, then press the blue 'CREATE' button (example below)

Note that you will now have one (or more) list (s) of attendees among the options that can be selected. Event organizers may now select the list they want to complete (they may also choose to delete certain lists).

How to add people to the list

To add a new person to the list, click "+ NEW PERSON" , Enter their data and click on the blue 'CREATE' button. You can also enter large amounts of data via the Excel worksheet. To learn more, see  Spreadsheet Import / Export .

Bulk Movements

Within a custom list, users can be mass-moved by adding them to another existing custom list or by moving them to the attendee list or guest list.

To move users from one list to another custom list, select the list, click Edit, and select the users you want to move. After this step, select the list from the open menu on the right side and click "Run Bulk Operation"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add participants to a Custom List using spreadsheets?

Yes, it is possible to add participants via spreadsheets, but first you need to create the Custom List. To create a List, click on the button +NEW LIST (follow the next steps, described above). After creating the new list, click in EDIT – IMPORT – DOWNLOAD DEMO FILE. A spreadsheet will open. Please fill in the requested information and upload the sheet back to platform, following the information provided clocking here.

Can I import data from an existing list?

If you have already registered a list in another event, or want to import the data from an existing list in the same event, you can also click "Import from list" . A new window will open with a selector with all existing lists in the company.  

 Select that particular list and click the blue 'Import'  button to add the list into the current one.

   Note: lists are fixed to each company that are contracted with InEvent, which means that an Event organizer from one company does not have access to another company’s list.

Where can I use custom lists?


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