How do I create Webinar certificates of attendance?

Webinar attendees are often looking forward to receiving a certificate once the online activity is over so they are able to add it to their CV, and set themselves apart in a competitive industry.

This article intends to give you a step-by-step on how to generate automated and personalized certificates of attendance for your webinar.

How do I enable attendance tracking and attendance certificates?

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Tools > scroll down until you see the Compliance section. Then, press Edit, and make sure the Attendance tracking checkbox is checked. Press End to save the changes.

Attendance tracking for Webinar

How do I create attendance certificates?

To create certificates and set up their layout, go to People > Certificates.

certificates of attendance for webinar

Next, press + Create new certificate in the upper left corner. A window will pop up for you to type the Certificate name. Once you are done, press Create.

If instead of creating a certificate from scratch you would rather copy the settings of an existing certificate, you can select the certificate that should be copied in the dropdown menu of the field Copy settings from.
Creating certificates of attendance for webinar

Your certificate has been created and now it's time for you to customize it!

How do I customize attendance certificates?

After creating a certificate, you will be taken to a page where you can customize all certificate details, as shown below:

Customizing the certificates

Use the menu on the left-hand side to select the component you want to customize.


Press Template to choose from one of the template options. A preview of the certificate will be displayed on the right-hand side.

Setting up the certificate template


Press Background to change the default background of the template. To do so, click on the red bar with a folder icon to upload an image. The desired size is 920x648 px.

Customizing the certificate background

Press Logo to customize the company logo that is displayed in the upper right corner of the certificate.

To do so, click on the red bar with a folder icon to upload an image. The desired size is 1024x1024 px.

By default, the logo will be the Main icon retrieved from your company images
Certificate logo

Text content

The text content that can be customized will depend on the template you have selected.

When customizing the text content, an editing box will open up for you to change the default text as well as the text color, the font, the font size and weight, and the padding of these fields.

Title, subtitle, and presentation
  1. Press Title to customize the title of the certificate.
How to customize the title of the certificate
  1. Press Subtitle to customize the title of the certificate.
Customizing the subtitle of the certificate
  1. Press Presentation to customize the presentation text of the certificate.
Person and achievement
  1. Press Person to customize the field with the attendee's name.
If you only want the first name to be displayed on the certificate, you can replace the placeholder {{name}}, which will pull both first name and last name, with {{first-name}}.
Customizing the field witht the attendee's name
  1. Press Achievement to customize both the achievement title and achievement value.
  • Achievement title: Using the dropdown menu that says Select which will be the achievements completed, you can define if the achievement displayed will be how many sessions the participant attended (activity attendance), or the live watch time in days, hours, and minutes.
Achievement title
  • Achievement value: You can customize the text displayed on the editing box and its style.
Achievement value
Date and signature
  1. Press Date to customize both the date title and subtitle.
  • Date title: Using the editing box on the left-hand side to replace the date that will be displayed on the certificates. The placeholder {{certificate-date}} will pull the current date and add it to the certificates.
  • Date subtitle: Use the editing box on the left-hand side to replace the default text Date.
Customizing the certificate date
  1. Press Signature to customize the signature right title and subtitle.
  • Signature right title: Use the editing box on the left-hand side to replace the default text Your signature with the name of either the institution or person who is responsible for the event.
  • Signature right subtitle: Use the editing box on the left-hand side to replace the default text Signature right.
Customizing the signature

Now your certificates are ready to be shared with the participants.

How can I share the certificates of attendance with the participants?

To share the certificates of attendance with the participants you will need to create an email and add the certificates links to it.  Check the following steps to learn how to do it:

  1. To access our email creator, go to Marketing > Email Creator.
  2. To create a new email, click on the + New Email button, type the message's subject, select one template and press Create.
  3. Now, you will need to customize your email and add the attendance certificate to it. To do it, edit the text displayed in the body of your email. ​
  4. A window will open up In the left-hand side menu for you to edit the text content. Press Dynamic links > Certificates > select the certificate you wish to add to the email.
Creating link for certificate e-mail

Click here for further details on how to personalize your email.

Defining the recipients of the email

Now you will need to define who should receive the emails. You can send it to all participants by selecting All attendees in the dropdown menu, or to specific lists.

Defining the email target

Click here for further information on how to define the recipients of your email.

Reviewing and sending the certificates to the participants

Now it's time for you to review and send the certificates! You will do it in step 3, Review.

Review and send

You can send the certificate right away or schedule the e-mail for a date and time you prefer. Click here for further information on how to review and send emails.

Your participants will receive a link to visualize and download the certificate, as shown in the image below:

Get certificate

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