Comments: live chat

Track and control the communication and interaction of participants within an activity. 

With the comments tool you can:

  • Track messages exchanged between attendees in an activity
  • Enable or disable the comments in your activities
  • Moderate or delete messages exchanged between attendees

For event organizers

How do I activate comments in my activities?

To activate comments in activities, go to Settings > Tools.

Then, click Edit in the top menu on the right side and search for the Live category, and tick the checkbox corresponding to Comments. Press End to save the changes.

How to activate comments

Can I control the comments from the chat?

Yes, you can block the automatic approval of attendees' comments on the activities. 

Still, on the event tools page, scroll down to the Control category, click Edit and uncheck the option Comments of attendees. Then, press End to save the changes.

How do I disable comments in specific activities?

To disable the chat in specific activities, go to Agenda > Activities > and select an activity on the left-hand side. Then, press Edit and scroll down until you see the option to enable or disable Hide chat and tick the corresponding checkbox to enable it.

How to disable the chat tab
If you enable the option Hide chat, the public chat the users use to communicate with each other will disappear, but the private chat will still be available in the room for speakers, admins, staff, and room host.

How do I moderate the chat comments?

Through the platform

To approve, click on Agenda > Comments

Click on the activity you want to moderate comments, then click on Edit on the top right corner. You will be able to approve, reject or even delete a comment. Once you are done, just click on End.

All actions related to comments' moderations made through the backend will reflect instantly on the Virtual Lobby. For example, if you delete a comment through the platform, the comment will be removed from the Virtual Lobby in real-time.
Through the Virtual Lobby

Only administrators and room hosts will be able to moderate chat comments in the Virtual Lobby. Click here for further information on permission levels for attendees.

These two permissions mentioned above will see the buttons to approve, reject, delete or pin messages, as shown below:

Moderating chat comments in the Virtual Lobby
Through the app

After unchecking the automatic comment approval option, it is possible. To moderate through the app, open the schedule and find the activity you want to moderate the comments, then click on Details > Forum.

Click on the arrow icon and either Approve or Remove the comment as outlined in the image below:

How do I toggle chat logs?

Admins and room hosts can see all logs of those who have joined and left the session under the Chat tab. By default, the chat logs will be disabled. If they wish to enable the chat logs, they should click on the blue button with a paper icon in the upper right. By doing so, the chat logs will be turned on, as shown in the image on the right-hand side.

Chat logs on and off

To make the chat logs visible again, click on the paper icon and they will be displayed for admins and room hosts.

Participants and presenters will not see the chat logs.

How do I save the chat comments?

To save the chat comments, on the comments page in the back end (Agenda > comments), click on the name of the activity and then press Report in the upper left.

It will be sent to your email and will also be available in the report center.

Chat on Sponsor Booths

Sponsors will be able to see and moderate all chat messages from their booth directly from their admin dashboard, as well as download all chat messages on a spreadsheet.

For further information on chat on sponsor booths, click here.

For participants

How does the attendee send a comment to an activity through the app?

In the App, select the activity you want to comment then click on Details > Forum.

After that, click on the top right corner icon to write and send your comment.

I can't see the forum button in the app. Why?

When this feature is enabled but not available to you, it means that you are not enrolled in the activity. Enroll on the activity through the app and then come back to participate in the forum.

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