Updated 1 month ago ​by Lucimary Machado de Oliveira

Track and control the communication and interaction of participants within an activity. 

With the comments tool you can:

  • Track messages exchanged between attendees in an activity
  • Enable or disable the comments role in your activities
  • Moderate or delete messages exchanged between attendees

How do I activate comments in my activities?


After this step, click EDIT in the top menu on the right side and search for the Live category. To enable the COMMENTS function, check the "COMMENTS - Send comments, chats or an open forum during activities" option and click on END.

Can I control the comments in the activity forums?

A: Yes, you can block the automatic approval of attendees' comments on the activities. 

To do this click on SETTINGS > TOOLS. Look for the CONTROL category ,click EDIT and uncheck the option "Automatic approval of comments from attendees in activities". Then click on END

Is it possible to moderate the messages exchanged between attendees in an activity?

To approve, click on: Agenda > Comments > Edit > Select Activity > Approve the message > End.

How does the attendee send a comment to an activity through the app?

In the App, select the activity the attendee is registered and follow the steps below: 

Is it possible to moderate comments in forums through the app?

A: Yes, after unchecking the automatic comment approval option, it is possible. To moderate through the app enter the desired forum by following the steps above. 

Click on the arrow icon and either Approve or Remove the comment as outlined in the image below: