Our platform supports the addition of sponsors onto your event and they may also Advertise on your event's website.

How do I add sponsors?

To begin, navigate to Event > Sponsors.

Screenshot of the sponsors tab

To Add a sponsor onto the platform, click on + Add sponsor. Fill in the sponsor's name and click on the blue Create button.

Screenshot of how to create sponsors

How do I edit sponsor information?

To modify and/or edit information regarding the company, press Edit in the top right corner and begin filling out their information. When you have finished editing, click End.

Gif of how to access and edit sponsor info

To add an image to the Sponsor, click on the Red tab with the file icon under the word Logo. You may also use the library option, which will save an image into the event's library for uses later, if an image will be used multiple times in the event's configuration to save time.

Besides an image, you will also be able to add information such as: contact name, telephone, website, category, visibility among others.

How do I create sponsor rooms?

If you'd like your sponsor to have a dedicated room in the Lobby, make sure to check Virtual Room.

Screenshot of how to create a virtual room for a sponsor

Once the room is created, you'll be able to upload a room cover and also select who is going to be the room host.

If you are the room host, you'll have the permission to mute people and also to invite viewers to become presenters.

The sponsor rooms will appear in the Virtual Lobby main page under the section Sponsors.

Example of sponsors rooms if using the Neo layout:

Screenshot of sponsor rooms using the Neo layout

Who can speak in my Sponsor Room?

The following will be enabled with Speaker Controls when entering the Sponsor Room

  1. The room host that has been assigned
  2. Event Admins
  3. Any attendee added to the People tab in your Sponsor settings

Sponsors logo in the room image

If the sponsor is sponsoring one specific activity, you should select the activity, click Edit and then click on the Sponsors tab. Select the names you want to insert and click Add Speaker.

By doing that, their logos will appear next to the room image and also inside the room.

Example of sponsors logo in the room image if using the Classic layout:

In case you do not want the sponsor logo to appear next to the room cover, you can disable it by hiding the sponsor logo. To do so, click on Event > Virtual Lobby > Edit > and enable Hide sponsor logo.

How do I create ads?

Click here to learn how to create ads.

How do I create sponsor tags?

Additionally, Sponsors can also have tags placed on them. See Tags for more information.

To enter a sponsor, click the Sponsor name, then click Edit. Scroll down the side window to the Tag section.

How to create a sponsor tag

Where do I view the sponsors?

Sponsors can be viewed in the event Website, in the Virtual Lobby and in the mobile app.

How do I view the sponsors in the app?

To view in the app, go to Menu > Sponsors

Screenshot of Sponsors tab in the app

How do I view the sponsors in the Lobby?

In the Lobby, you'll see the sponsors in the sponsor rooms and also in the left hand side of the room covers in case they are sponsored. Besides that, if you create ads, you should see it inside the sessions.

Where sponsors will appear in the Lobby when using the layout Neo

Inside the room, you should also view sponsors' profiles and sponsors' ads.

Screenshot of ads and sponsor profiles

How do I view the sponsors in the website?

For Sponsors information to be displayed in the website, make sure to add a Sponsors section. To do so, click Marketing > Landing Pages > Website. Then, press Edit and in the left hand side select Sponsors in the drop down bar to add a section.

Screenshot of how to add a Sponsors section to the website

After doing this, all information updated on the Sponsors page under Event > Sponsors should appear on your website.

Screenshot of sponsors section on a website
Display sponsor categories in the website

If you'd like your sponsors to be divided into categories in the website, under Options you should Enable sponsor categories. In order for the categories to appear, you'll need to create it under Event > Sponsors.

Screenshot of sponsor categories

What is the purpose of the People, Invite and Files tab in the sponsors page?

Screenshot of sponsors tabs
  1. People

It allows each person added to join the Sponsor Virtual Room with Presenter abilities.

Besides having Presenter abilities, people added to the People tab will also be able to edit the Sponsor profile.

To add someone to the People tab, click Event > Sponsors > select a sponsor > press People > +Add person.

Whenever this person added to the People tab access their My Account page, they should see a Sponsor profile tab to edit information such as Company name, logo, virtual room cover, etc.

It also allows for a feature to be enabled called Data collector (this is an Add-on feature therefore not available in all packages). To learn more about the Data collector Click Here

  1. Invites

This tab allows for a feature to be enabled through badge printing. This feature is only available in Advanced & Full packages. This feature allows for a push notification to be sent to a person when their invite has entered the event and printed their badge. To learn more Click Here

  1. Files

The Files tab allows you to upload files that will be available in your sponsor rooms. To learn more Click here

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