You can create dedicated virtual rooms for each company supporting your event. Using the InEvent Virtual Lobby, sponsors can engage and network with attendees on 1-1 and group meetings; increasing brand awareness, building relationships, and expanding their reach in their target audience. Between branded covers, ads, files, and engaging features, sponsors have plenty of options to get the most out of their investment.

How do I add sponsors?

This is the first step to start the setup of the Sponsor in your event. To do so, go to Event > Sponsor and click +Add Sponsor.

Once you do that, click on top of the Sponsor’s name and the Details page will be displayed to start adding the information after pressing Edit.

GIF about Sponsor's details page
The 'Ignore entries on previous events' checkbox is optional. If selected, the system will not pull data from previous events in case there is a match.

Checklist of information

  1. Logo

To add an image to the Sponsor, click on the Red tab with the file icon under the word Logo. The desirable size is 750 x 750 (px by px)

In case you do not want the sponsor logo to appear next to the activity tile, you can disable it by clicking on Event > Virtual Lobby > Tools > Edit > and tick the box Hide sponsor logo. This is advisable if you have Ads created for the Virtual Lobby and want them to be displayed inside the activity without having the logo too.
  1. Categories

It is often overlooked, however, Categories are a key component to a powerful marketing strategy. You can create categories to define the value of the influence from each sponsor. The Sponsor can be displayed by Categories in the Sponsor tab at the Virtual Lobby, the App, and also at the Website.

sponsor categories
  1. Virtual Room and Room Video Mode
    To learn how to create a virtual room for your sponsors and how to select between the different available video modes please check this article.
  2. Tags

If you wish to have a Sponsor tag click here to learn how to create Tags. Once the tag is created, you just need to associate them under the Details of the selected Sponsor.

The Sponsor tags can be useful to filter the numerous sponsors on the Virtual Lobby main page.
sponsor tags
  1. Visibility

You can set your sponsor booth to be visible/ invisible according to the agreement made. If for example the event lasts multiple days and one of the Sponsors agreed to have their brand exposed for only one day, you can simply set the Sponsor to be invisible.

  1. Data Collector

This feature allows exhibitors and sponsors to obtain data of participants who visited their booths. For more detailed information please check this article.

  1. Minibio

This is the space dedicated to having a brief text, link, or media of the Sponsor. It is possible to use bullet lists on the WYSIWYG editor for the Minibio.

WYSIWYG is a tech initialism that stands for “what you see is what you get.” It usually refers to a user interface that lets you directly edit and manipulate the look and content of a document, page, or file. This means that whatever edits you’re making to something will display the same way when the final output is produced.

It can also be translated into different languages, to do so please check this article.

The Minibio can be viewed if a user clicks on top of the Sponsor logo inside the session.

Where do I view the sponsors?

Sponsors can be viewed on the event Website, in the Virtual Lobby, and in the mobile app.

How do I view the sponsors in the app?

To view in the app, go to Menu > Sponsors

Screenshot of Sponsors tab in the app

How do I view sponsors in the Lobby?

  1. Main page: sponsor rooms and sponsored activities

In the Lobby, you'll see the sponsors in the sponsor rooms and also on the right-hand side of the room covers in case they are sponsored.

Where sponsors will appear in the Lobby when using the layout Neo
  1. Dedicated page for sponsors

If you wish to have dedicated pages for sponsors in the Virtual Lobby, go to Settings > Tabs and click on Virtual Lobby. Then, make sure the tabs Virtual Lobby - Sponsors is set to Visible.

Enabling the sponsors tab

In the Virtual Lobby, you can access the dedicated pages by selecting the corresponding tab in the menu on the left-hand side, as shown below:

How to access the sponsors tab

Besides that, if you create ads, you will see them inside activities. Sponsors' profiles and their ads are also displayed in their virtual rooms.

If you wish to have more information for the Sponsor Ads, click here.

Screenshot of ads and sponsor profiles

How do I view the sponsors on the website?

For Sponsors' information to be displayed on the website, make sure to add a Sponsors' section.

After doing this, all information updated on the Sponsors page under Event > Sponsors should appear on your website.

Display sponsor categories on the website

If you'd like your sponsors to be divided into categories in the website, under Options you should Enable sponsor categories. In order for the categories to appear, you'll need to create them under Event > Sponsors.

Screenshot of sponsor categories

People, Invite, Files, Ads, Tickets, and Chats

Sponsor tabs

Click here to learn what is the purpose of these pages. In case the information you're looking for is specific for the Sponsor tickets, click here.

Yes, you can have extract data regarding the ponsor rooms and sponsored activities visits, file clicks, sponsored ads reports, leads collection and live chat engagement. For more information, click here.

If you are sponsoring an event happening on our platform, this article is going to help you understand what you are going to be able to do and how you can manage your own information within InEvent.

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