Networking via Mobile App

This article shows the feature that enables interactions between attendees within the Mobile App. To learn more about networking via the Virtual Lobby, please click here.

Networking via Mobile App

This feature enables interactions between attendees on the Mobile App.

Attendees will receive a generated contact list of other attendees and their information among those who are present at the event. Attendees can select to share their contact information, social network links etc. Then, send a message to another attendee among those at the event.

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How do I send a message to another attendee on the app?

Click on: Menu > Networking > Select a person > Message.

How can I save my favorites on the app?

Yes. Click on the yellow star Favorite button of the profile.

How do I make my profile visible to others?

You have an option to make your profile visible or invisible to others.

You can click on: Menu > Profile > Edit Profile > Privacy

How can I deactivate the list of networking attendees in the event app?

Click on Settings > Tools.

After this step, look for InEvent App field, click on Edit and uncheck the option Networking - Show the list of attendees on the event. Then click on End.

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