Data Collector/Leads for sponsors

This system is for exhibitors and sponsors to obtain data of participants who visited their booths. It is also possible for the same lead collector user to be able to be logged into a maximum of 10 devices simultaneously, reducing the number of lead collector packages required by a single user. 

You can qualify the lead with a score of 1 to 5 for the marketing/sales team to evaluate the quality of leads captured after the event. Each exhibitor can export the list of data through the web quickly. And the organizer has the general statistics of which stands have been visited by each participant.

How do I enable/disable this feature?

Go to Settings > Tools > click on Edit, scroll down until the InEvent Pass section and enable/disable the Data collector and My QR code feature:

Data collector tool image

This is a premium feature. In order to use it, contact your sales representative/Customer success manager.

How do I register the Lead Collector profile?

To register a collector, press on Event > Sponsors

Sponsors menu image

Choose the registered Sponsor from the list on the left side, Press the People tab then in the top right corner press the + Add Person button.

Add people in sponsor GIF image

Search for an existent attendee, or click on Create new person. Fill out their information and click on the blue Create button.

If the user is already on the Attendees' list of the event, we suggest you do not to enter password information in this second registration.

How do I activate the data collector?

Inside the Sponsors page and under the Details section, scroll down until you see the Activate data collector blue button. The blue button will turn green once the data collector is activated.

How to activate data collector

Register special tickets quotas

Besides reading the QR codes, the user can also be responsible for the distribution of the special tickets quota of the sponsors.

In order to register the special tickets for sponsors, please read: How do I create sponsor/special group ticket quotas?

How to use the data collector in the app?

After downloading the App of your Event, you only need to log in with the data previously registered by the organization.

In the app, press the Menu tab then scroll down to Data Collector.

After accessing the data collector, read the QR code of an attendee/lead and their information will show up, as shown in the images below. Then you can add a score from 1 - 5 stars and also add notes on the user.

How many devices can one profile access as a data collector?

You can access the app using 10 different devices.

How to View or Export the Collected Data?

At the end of the event, you can download the QR Codes data sheet that has been read by going to Analytics > Live dashboard.

Then in the tab on the left, under the Sponsors field, Click on Data collector. Select the registered sponsor from the drop-down menu, then click the Export button as outlined in the image below:

Export data collector report

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