Sponsor Rooms

Having dedicated virtual rooms for each sponsor provide multiple benefits for companies supporting your event. Straight from the Virtual Lobby, they have the means for engaging and networking with attendees, building relationships, and expanding their reach in their target audience.

Creating a Virtual Room for your sponsors

If you'd like your sponsor to have a dedicated room in the Lobby, please go to Event > Sponsors > select the sponsor > click the Edit button, scroll the page down and mark the box Virtual Room checkbox. Please remember to click End when finished, saving the changes that were made.

virtual room

Adding a room cover

Once the room is created, you'll be able to upload a room cover. If you leave it blank it will be a block color. The desired size for it is 560 x 320 (px by px).

This is how the room cover image will be displayed to participants in your Virtual Lobby:

The room link is the URL for accessing the sponsor's virtual room. Please note that users must already be logged into the platform with their Magic Link or password credential for it to be accessed.

Setting the room host

The room host will be in charge of managing the stream, being able, together with event admins, to invite viewers to go on camera and join the transmission. Room hosts are also able to join the sessions sharing their cam/mic, moderate chats, add/remove files available for download and also have access to the private chat even when not presenting. To learn more about permission levels on sponsor rooms please check this article.

Choosing the maximum number of presenters in the room

Here you will set the maximum number of people you want to be on camera simultaneously in the room. If you are using Videoconferencing as your room video mode, you will be able to have up to 17 presenters in a room.

Maximum number of presenters in the room

Choosing the room video mode

You can select your room video mode from Pre-recorded, Control room, VideoConferencing, and External Link. For more information about each of them, please check the article choosing your room video mode.

Depending on the room video mode chosen please make sure you have a room host selected. Besides having room host permissions, the room host will also be able to edit the Sponsor profile.
To learn how to select a video provider and a low latency endpoint for your sponsor rooms, please check this article.

Asking for feedback

For a feedback form to pop up after the user leaves the sponsor room, you should enable the option Ask for feedback when leaving.

Once this option is enabled, you can press Edit to add questions to the feedback form. Click here to learn how to do that.

You can also share this feedback form via email or social media. To retrieve the feedback form link, click on the Preview button of the feedback form page on the backend.

This is what the pop-up feedback form will look like:

Feedback form pop up on sponsor rooms

Hiding tabs

To hide the People, Chat, and Files tabs from the sponsor rooms, select the sponsor on the left, press Edit, tick the box of the corresponding tabs, and press End to save the changes.

hide tabs

Adding files

To learn how to add files to your sponsor rooms, please click here.

Who can speak in my Sponsor Rooms?

The following will be enabled with speaker controls when entering the Sponsors Virtual Rooms:

To learn more about other features that can be used by your sponsors please check this article.

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