How can I use my integrated accreditation with InEvent?

InEvent has a complete and fully integrated platform for use in end-to-end management of people and events by your organization

We understand that sometimes clients might be using another Accreditation System , other than our platform. InEvent platform is able to accommodate and integrate with many other accreditation systems.

There are two ways to integrate an accreditation system with our platform, either through manual integration or through automatic integration. The steps to doing them are shown below:

Manual Integration

In this mode of integration, it is done manually, that is, with each new registration in our platform (either through the  Website , with  Registration Form , or the application download and direct entrance to the event), it is necessary that you import the attendee data into the accreditation system.

The process itself is simple, and facilitated by the possibility of using spreadsheets on our platform. Simply enter People> Attendees, and export the excel spreadsheet with all the data, according to the instructions in this article:  Import / Export Spreadsheet . With this information from the participants, you can go directly to the accreditation system.

The limitation of this method of integration occurs when some participants sign up on time, or change their accreditation information after removal from the list. To be effective in using this integration, you will need to upload the credential worksheet very close to the start time to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information and still have trouble dealing with people who register on time.

API - Automated Integration

If you chose to integrate it automatically using out API, it is a very simple process and everything is documented. This way, it guarantees the update of all attendees information ( registration, changes etc.). The positive points using this integration is that as you configure it once, you will not need to worry about the accreditation information.  The negative side is that you will need technical knowledge to build your API connections.

In this link you can understand exactly how it works, and how simple is the use of our API for accreditation:

 ( you need to be logged into our platform to view this information, so if you would like to know more about integration via API and are not a client of ours, send an email to  contact @ )

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