Breakout Rooms

If you want to create smaller groups of discussion during your event, read this article to learn more about the two options for you to create breakout rooms using the InEvent's platform:

  1. Group rooms
  2. Activities

Group rooms

One option we provide is to create Group Rooms in the Virtual Lobby. This can be done in the backend of the platform or even in the Virtual Lobby.

The first thing you need to do is check if the Networking feature is enabled on your settings. For that, go to Settings >Tools, search for Networking, click on the Edit button on the top right of your page and select it:

Screenshot of Settings > Tools > networking

If you have a Registration Form, only attendees that selected the option Yes in the question Visible to others will be able to participate in Group Rooms.
If you wish to rename the Group Room sections, this can be done via Headings.

Creating Group Rooms on the platform

Click here to learn how to create group rooms on the platform.

Creating Group Rooms in the Virtual Lobby

Click here to learn how to create group rooms in the Virtual Lobby.

Collapse Networking area

In case you want the Group room to appear on the top of the page instead, in the platform/backend you can go to Event > Virtual Lobby, scroll down to Collapse Networking area, and set it to Yes.

Screenshot of event > virtual lobby > collapse networking area

It will show on your frontend page like this:

Screenshot of group room > frontend > collapse networking area

In this case, attendees can only join groups that have already been created in the backend, not having the option to create a new one.

In case you want to have a private meeting with an attendee, you can click here and check all the possible ways for you to do that inside InEvent’ s platform.

Joining a Group Room

Whenever you enter a Group Room, the platform will ask for access to your microphone and camera. You have the option to join to speak by clicking on Join now or simply as a viewer by clicking on Join as a viewer:

Screenshot of Inside the group room > join as a viewer > Join as a speaker

Unlike Activities, the Group Rooms don’t need to have a Host to start the streaming, it will start automatically.

The Chat functionality will also be available for attendees to interact with each other.

Creating a new activity

Another way to create breakout rooms would be by adding a new activity to your event. Click here to learn how to create activities.

Activity for a restricted list of people

If you want your breakout rooms to be filled with a specific list of people, you can create a new activity and restrict it to a list of people from your event.

First you need to go to People > Lists, click on + New List and then, you can add the people you want there. To get more information on lists, click here.

Screenshot of People > Lists > New list

After you have created all your lists and added everyone to them, go to Agenda > Activities, click on + New Activity, fill all the requested information (to get to know more about creating activities, click here), and go to the People lists tab. Click on Edit, select the list from the drop down options and click on Add list:

Screenshot of Agenda > activities > add a new list

From that moment on, only the people added to the list you’ve selected will be able to see and participate in the activity.

Creating activities with enrollment restrictions

If you want to limit the access of the attendees to a specific activity, you can create chains. By creating chains, whoever enters one activity which is chained to another activity won’t be able to see the other, and vice-versa. For more information on how to generate chains, click here.

After the chains are set up, you can select the number of vacancies that will be open for each breakout room going to Agenda > Activities and editing the Details tab. 

Screenshot of agenda > activities > details > number of vacancies

If you have a Registration form for your event, you can go to Marketing > Registration > Registration form, enable Activities on form on the settings tab, and the attendees will already be able to enroll when they register.

Screenshot of marketing > registration > registration form > activities on form

Activities on form cannot be used together with: Ticket requirement, Approval requirement, Waitlist requirement and Quick form.

Another way they are able to choose which breakout room to join is inside the Virtual Lobby at the section My Agenda. If they click on the Pin button below the activity they choose, they will be automatically enrolled in it and the other breakout rooms will be blocked.

Screenshot of My agenda > activities > pin

They will be able to change their choice at any time before the activity starts, if they click on Unpin and select another one. But, because you’ve created chains between the breakout rooms, they will not be able to choose more than one.

Embedding a whiteboard into the Virtual Lobby

You can embed a whiteboard into the Virtual Lobby and collaborate with the participants and speakers of the event while the session is happening. You can set any level of access to the board and allow people to view, comment, or edit the embedded boards. Click here for further information.

The option to embed a whiteboard will only be possible for breakout rooms that were created as an activity and not as a group room through Networking.

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