Integration with Marketo

This synchronization helps the import and export from data between inEvent and Marketo. The organizer will be able to automatically import all the gathered information at Marketo to the inEvent platform, registering all the data at the event. New registrations at the inEvent platform will also be sent automatically to the Marketo platform, synching leads and information.

Step by step

To integrate Marketo with InEvent Platform, you need to verify if the feature is enabled at the Company level. Please check under Settings > Tools > Edit > Marketo.

Then, chose your event and click on: Settings > Integrations > Marketo.

As soon as click on Marketo, a page will load (as shown below), and you will to fill in the blanks:

  • ClientId
  • ClientSecret
  • MunchkinID

Click on Link Account.

To find out the data above: clientId, clientSecret and munchkinId you need to access your Marketo account. Click on Admin > Security > User & Roles. 

In Roles, you must click on New role. 

Then create a new Role and name it API, select the Access API (25 of 25) option, and then click on Create. 

You will see the recently created Role on your screen just after you finish the step above. 

A new user must be created. To do this, click on Users > Invite new user

Step 1 INFO: Add Email, First name and Last name (it must be written API) and then click on Next.

Step 2 PERMISSIONS: You must check the 'API' option and also the 'API Only' and click on the Next button. Note: The 'API Only' option is mandatory

Step 3 MESSAGE: Just click on Send to finalize the process

The next step is to configure the Integration, for this you need to click on Admin > Integration Launchpoint.

On this screen, you need to create a new service by clicking on New > New service.

You must fill in the fields according to the following image (except the description field, that can contain any text as it makes no difference, and the API Only User should contain the previously created user) and click on Create.

To check your final information click View details.

Note that the information requested to finish the integration inside our platform is in the details. Then you just to copy and paste the clientId and clientSecret into the integration with Marketo screen.

Finally, the munchkinId can be found on Integration > Munchkin > Munchkin account ID.

After filling in all fields the integration screen, click on Link Account. You can see in the following screen that the integration has been made .

Data synchronization

Marketo > InEvent


In the List Information, you'll have all the lists that have been uploaded in Marketo. You should select the desired list and click Link List to integrate with InEvent.

Custom field

We have the additional information configured in the Set Custom field from InEvent platform. You must choose the option for the Marketo field to be linked within the checkbox Custom field.


To synchronize attends, you must click on Synchronization > Sync attendees. You will be notified by email when the synchronization is ready.

After the synchronization has been confirmed in your email, your information will be updated on the integration information page. To see the new attendee's information you must update your View Attendees page (F5) and all new information will be updated. Automatic synchronization takes place every hour of the day / night.

All attendees who are synchronized via integration with Marketo will be flagged with a lightning bolt.

To see additional information for each attendees you need to click on Edit, and select the person you want. Additional information is available on the right side of your screen.

Marketo > InEvent

All information updated on Custom fields and attendees on the InEvent Platform, after synchronization, is also updated on the Marketo.

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