Invoice payment option

The Invoice payment option allows the generation of invoices during ticket purchase. Participants can make use of the manual Invoice option to make payment when filling out the Purchase form. Additionally, administrators can generate invoices from the platform for users utilizing other integrated payment options.

This article explores all the ways the Invoice payment option can be used.

How can I enable invoice for manual payment?

To enable invoice for manual payment, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to to Settings > Tools from the event level.
  2. Click Edit on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Type in Allow invoice in the search bar or search for it under Registration and enable its toggle button.
Gif showing the Allows invoice option in Event tools and enabling it
Also, while in the Tools page, make sure the Ticket Requirement tool enabled.

How can I configure my company's payment details?

To configure your company's payment details which will appear in the manual invoice, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Marketing > Tickets > Invoices.
  2. Click on Settings under the Invoice section.
  3. Enter your payment details. The list of details is as follows:
  • Company name: Your company name.
  • Company Tax ID: Your company tax ID.
  • Address line 1 & 2: Your company address.
  • Days to due date: Days before the payment is due.
Payment details: Your payment details (for example: bank name, account number, payment code, tax ID, etc.) You can also add a URL in the text box or personalize the text as you like.
Adding a URL will allow you to lead the attendees to where they can make the payment.
  1. Click End to save your invoice information.
Add extra details to the text box

How does the manual invoice option work on the purchase form?

Once you have enabled the Allows invoice tool and configured your company's invoice payment details, the invoice option will appear on the purchase form.

After a user selects their desired ticket(s) and proceeds by clicking Next step, they will encounter a list of available payment methods, which includes the Invoice option. Choosing Manual invoice requires the user to input the following details:

  • Company name
  • Company registration number
  • Address
  • Payment type (Cash, Check, Bank Transfer)
To have the Payment type option on the Purchase form, you need to enable the Payment type on invoice tool from the Event tools section.

Then select Next step.

Screenshot of the invoice option fields on the registration form.

After reviewing and confirming their order, users can proceed by selecting Place order.

Place order

Subsequently, they will be directed to a confirmation page where they can open the invoice and view their tickets.

Additionally, an automatic email containing the invoice as an attachment will be sent to the attendees.

Screenshot showing successful ticket purchase

The invoice will contain your company's payment details, including payment type (if applicable). It will also contain other information like the invoice number, Event ID (which shows the event the invoice is linked to), etc. Below is an example:

Image showing an example invoice
The first 5 digits of the invoice number represent the event ID, while the last 5 digits are generated sequentially across all the events within a company. This ensures that each invoice, regardless of the event it's associated with, has a unique number that follows the previous one in sequence.

Can I customize the automatic Waiting for payment email?

Yes, you can customize the Waiting for payment email invoice email that is automatically sent to your applicants using the Email creator.

How can I approve manual invoice payments?

After participants have purchased tickets using the manual invoice option, event organizers will need to review and approve their payments on the platform. To approve the invoice payment of your attendees follow these steps:

  1. Go to Marketing > Tickets > Payments.
  2. Click on List under the Payments section.
  3. Locate the payment details of the attendee and click on them to open the payment details. A new window containing the payment's information will open on the right.
  4. Scroll down to the Payment information section and click on Approve payment.
You can view the user's invoice by clicking on Open Invoice.
Screenshot of the approve or reject payment buttons.

  • A manual invoice payment that has not been approved, will show IN_ANALYSIS under the Status column and it requires your attention. Once approved, the status will show AUTHORIZED. Click here to learn more about the payment details page.
  • The applicant will receive an automatic payment confirmation email with a link attached so they can manage their tickets on the My tickets tab of the Virtual Lobby. The applicant will also be listed under the Attendee's page.

Ticket approval email

  • To reject a payment, click on the Reject payment button. The applicant will receive a Rejected payment email. The status of this payment will also show CANCELLED.


Creating invoices for participants from the platform

As an event admin, you can create invoices for participants directly from the platform. This allows the generation of invoices for automated payment methods other than InEvent's manual invoice option.

The Invoice > List page only displays invoices created by the event admins for participants.
Users who receive invoices generated through the platform will not find the manual Invoice option available on the Purchase form. Consequently, they will be unable to make payments via bank transfer, cheque, or cash. Instead, they will only have access to pay using other automatic payment integration options provided.

Follow these steps to create an invoice for a participant:

  1. Go to Marketing > Tickets > Invoices > List page.
  2. Click on the Create invoice button.
  3. Enter the following details associated with your attendee in the Create invoice pop-up box:
  • Full name
  • Username
  • Email (optional)
Ensure to provide the email address of your participants if you wish to enable the send invoice to user option.
  • Company name
  • Company tax ID
  • Address line 1 & 2
  • Select a ticket.
  • Tickets amount: Enter the amount of ticket, then click the +Add to invoice button.
  1. Enable the Send invoice to user checkbox to send the invoice to the user via email.
  2. Click Create.
Creating an invoice

Once an invoice is created for a participant, the Payment ID of the participant will show Pending:

Payment ID status

Previewing an invoice before sending to participants

You can preview your invoice and send the previewed sample to your self before sending it out to the designated user. To do this, simply click on the Preview invoice in the Create invoice pop-up box. A new pop-up box will appear displaying a preview of your invoice.

Previewing an invoice

Once you are done previewing your invoice, simply click on Cancel or press the close button.

To send the invoice preview, click Send preview. In the following pop-up box, select the recipient of the invoice preview and click Send preview.

Send invoice preview

In addition, you can view the invoices of participants after already sending them. To do this, simply click the blue pen icon beside the participant. Locate and click on the Open invoice link to view the invoice.

Open invoice

Invoice dashboard

After creating an invoice for a user, the Invoice > List dashboard will display the invoice ID, Payment ID, Username, Due at, Status and Total.

The Due at column will display the due date of the invoice which has been configured in the Invoice > Settings page. In addition, clicking on the Payment ID of an attendee will open the attendees information on the Payments page.

The available invoice statuses of participants are as follows:

  • Created: This status applies to participants whose invoices have been generated by event admins on the platform, but have not yet been approved on the Payments page.
  • Paid: This status applies to participants whose invoices have been authorized on the Payments page.
  • Cancelled: This status indicates participants whose invoices have been rejected on the Payments page.
Invoice status

By clicking on the blue icon of a participant, you will be able to view more information about the participant: Basic information, Billing information, Payment information, Tickets selected, etc.

Invoice information

Understanding how the platform-created invoices function on the Purchase form

Once the participants receive their invoice via email, they will see the link that states: Please click here to pay now in the invoice, as well as the Pending payment status. By clicking on the link, they will be redirected to the Purchase form.

Click on Pay now button

When filling out the Purchase form, participants will be unable to add or change the preselected tickets in the Tickets section. Additionally, the manual Invoice payment option will not appear in the Payments section, as invoices have already been generated for them by the event administrator. After choosing a payment method and placing their order, it will be sent to the platform.

For more information on filling out the Purchase form, refer to our Purchase form article.
Using the invoice

Once a participant places their order, a Payment ID will be generated for the participant on the platform.

Payment ID is generated

In addition, the participant will receive a payment confirmation email containing an updated invoice that shows the Paid payment status.

Paid status
The invoice number remains the same in the updated invoice.

Can I resend an invoice?

To resend an invoice to a participant follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Invoices > List.
  2. Click on the participant whose invoice you wish to resend. A new window will open on the right where you can view more information.
  3. Locate and click the blue Re-send invoice button. A new window will pop-up asking you to confirm your action.
  4. Click Send to confirm your action.
Resending an invoice

Once sent you will see the message letting you know your email was sent successfully.

sent succesfully

Downloading invoices in bulk

To download invoices associated with your event in bulk, complete the following steps:

  1. Press the Edit button on the top right corner in any of the pages under the Invoices > List section.
  2. Press the Download invoices button on the top left corner. A blue notification banner will appear on the top of the page.
  3. Click on Download. You will be redirected to the Report center page.
Screenshot showing the Download invoices button and the blue notification banner.
  1. Locate your download which will have the Event Payments Invoices title.
  2. Press the blue download button.
    Screenshot showing the invoices file in the Report center.

You will find all invoices associated with your event in a PDF format inside a zipped file.

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