How do I extract and view event reports?

Track various types of information and controls in real-time. This feature presents a variety of information so that you can carry out your decision-making and process improvement. This functionality also makes it possible to analyze ROI, post-event information, and more!

The Analytics Menu

The Analytics menu includes:

  • All reports: Collates all the analytical reports from different pages of the platform;
  • Virtual Lobby reports: Includes data such as who joined each room and for how long;
  • Troubleshoot reports: Includes the troubleshoot reports raised by attendees from the Virtual Lobby;
  • Live dashboard: Provides reports on interactions including data from both the Virtual Lobby and the mobile app;
  • Email analytics: You'll be able to check how many emails have been sent out, the delivery rate, the open rate, and the bounce rate as well;
  • Attendance reports: You will be able to verify the computed credits for each user or session;
  • Link tracking reports: You will be able to track the performance of campaigns and content;
  • Checklog reports: The logs will contain the check-in & check-out times and dates of your attendees;
  • Import center: Includes records of imported data and any import error messages;
  • Report center: Includes a record of all requested report downloads;
  • Custom reports: It will allow you to select different sources of information to create customized reports for your event;
  • Audit reports: It will allow you to see a timeline of data changes that have been made in your company's account.
Analytics Menu Backend

How do I extract reports from the platform?

There are two ways to extract reports from the InEvent platform:

  1. Clicking the Report button (when apparent).
  2. Clicking the Edit > Report

Once you click the button, a message will appear at the top of the screen, warning you that you will receive the file with the data in your email when the process is complete.

When exporting a spreadsheet from the Attendees, Invitees and Lists page, click on Edit > Export and select Spreadsheet as the data destination.
Extracting report from platform

To extract more concise reports, you can apply filters and perform research before clicking the download button.

Filtering and searching

Below are a few examples of situations when the filter functionality may be used:

Report center / Download center

All reports already extracted are stored in the platform's download center.

You can access this page from the event level by clicking on Analytics > Report Center

report center

Or from the company level, clicking on Reports > Download center. All export logs will be displayed following the order newest to oldest.

To download the spreadsheet, you must search for the latest spreadsheet of the event that was requested to export. To download a spreadsheet with the reports, click on the blue button in the Actions column.

To make sure you have selected the correct spreadsheet, you can click on the Preview button before downloading it!
Download report from report center

What reports can I extract?

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