Task Management

The task manager is a tool that allows you to control the processes developed during the project. We can create tasks and descriptions, add an owner or track the status of each of these tasks.

You can create tasks, procedures or to do lists for your team/workforce.

To access the task manager you must click on Event > Planning > Tasks.

Steps Event > Planning > Tasks

How do I create a task?

To create a task, click on the + Add task button i the top left corner, enter the 'task name' and click on the blue Create button.

Add task, button create

After creating the task, we can edit the information.

Press the Edit button in the top right corner, then click on the tasks blue Details button.

Edit details

You can type a description, select the owner and the status (open or closed) of the task.

How do I insert multiple tasks at one time?

You can insert multiple tasks at a time using our excel spreadsheet.

To insert multiple tasks at a time go to Event > Planning > Tasks.

Click on the Edit button in the top right corner, Then press the Import button in the top left corner.

To learn how to Import spreadsheets follow this link: Import/Export Spreadsheets.

You can also Export the tasks to a spreadsheet just follow the link above.

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