Virtual Lobby Control Room

Updated 2 weeks ago ​by Julie Collins

The Control Room clearly separates your virtual events' on-stage and off-stage tasks, enabling you to:

  1. Manage speakers and viewers settings in one control bar
  2. Choose different screen layouts 
  3. Optimize the experience for mobile users

To enable control room, go to AGENDA>ACTIVITY, and after selecting the required activity, navigate to the option 'Live Stream with Control Room. Click EDIT to enable or disable this function.

Once Control Room is activated, you will be able to use the new features.

Attendee view

To view the activity like a attendee, you can select 'Live Preview'.

When an attendee joins the activity and the host has not joined, they will see a message 'Waiting for Broadcast'.

Here, attendees will be able to interact prior to the stream starting, such as using the chat function and accessing polls and files.

The session name, along with any speakers and sponsors will be visible here for all attendees.

Once the hosts initiates the session, the video will be visible for all attendees.

Manage speakers and viewers settings in one control bar

In the Control Room, your own video is not highlighted for you; all videos will be mixed together. The controls for your video are also visible below your video, creating much more space and easier to use controls.

Choose different screen layouts 

To change the layout, select the up arrow on the Stop Stream button to open the menu. You can choose from three options

  • Space Between
    • This is the default layout. This layout stacks presenters evenly and equally in the frame.
  • Focus Mixed
    • This layout showcases the person who is speaking on the left side of the screen, with other presenters tiled along the side in a smaller view
  • Focus Only
    • Only the person that is speaking will be showcased on the screen. The host can also choose who to focus by clicking on the presenter

Optimize the experience for mobile users

Using the Control Room, streaming is supported for attendees via their mobile browser.

Attendees will be able to connect directly from the browser, or you can configure your app to hold the Virtual Lobby as a tab. From here, the attendee can simply select the activity and join the broadcast as a viewer.

Your event attendees can only be signed in to the Virtual Lobby from one location, so if they are accessing the Virtual Lobby via their app, they cannot be connected from another location.