Setting up your activities

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To set up your activities, go to Agenda > Activities > select the activity and click Edit (top right). The Details tab contains the settings for your activity, including the possibility of making it a virtual room.

By checking the Virtual room option, a link will be generated, making the activity accessible within the Virtual Lobby.

Room cover

Adding a room cover to your activity will display a thumbnail icon for this session. If you do not add a room cover, this tile will be a plain, block color.

To add an image, click on the red folder icon, and upload a ROOM COVER from your computer, which will be viewed by the participants in the lobby. The desired image size is 280x160 pixels.

Pre-control cameras and microphones

To ensure that your speakers will enter the activity with microphone and camera enabled, go to the Event>Speaker and select your speaker. Link the attendee profile to the matching speaker, and then add this speaker to the activity.

Adding the speaker to the activity will ensure their attendee profile is recognized as a speaker, and they will be able to join the event prior to the event starting, as well as having presenter capabilities

You can select who will be the host of the room. The host will need to be in the room to start the Control room stream, and ensure that the session is being recorded

Recording your session

You can record sessions in the virtual lobby by checking the "Room Recording" option .

To play or download the recordings, go to the Recordings tab.

The session starts to be recorded from the moment the host enters the room.

Pre-Recorded Video

A pre-recorded video can now be inserted into the Virtual Lobby dashboard.

Under Agenda > Activities > Select Activity > Edit > Details. Find the "Use pre-recorded video" toggle and tick the box to turn on.

You can paste a link of an uploaded video, or upload a video of your own.

To upload using a link, simply select 'use link, and paste the link into the text box.

The video format should be MP4.

it can be a direct video or an iframe.

To upload your own video file, select 'Upload video', and click on the green upload button to find this file on your computer. There is no limit on the file size for your video

Pre-recorded video as a Live Stream

This feature allows you to set a pre-recorded video to be streamed live at the time and date you have selected for your activity.

Doing this will make your pre-recorded content act exactly the same as a live stream, users will watch as if it is a live event. They will be unable to pause, rewind or re-watch the content, unless you then set it as an on-demand video.

Simply upload your video, and then select 'Treat pre-recorded video as a live stream'.

We will create a URL for your video.

External links are not supported with this function.

Set the maximum number of presenters

All administrators when entering a session can enable the camera and microphone, if you want to define the maximum number of administrators who will have that access in that room, just enter the amount in the "Maximum number of presenters in the room" field.

Live streaming using external software

To live stream a session using an external software such as OBS, Wirecast, vMix or any other live streaming platform, go to AGENDA > ACTIVITIES then choose the session on the left.

Next, click EDIT and scroll down to Live stream using external software and tick the box.

Then a blue button will appear, titled View Information. Click on this button to open the pop up window with the RTMP code you need to copy to your software


InEvent provides two endpoints, as a failsafe. Both endpoints do not need to be enabled.

You will see the iframe for the video, you can now embed this iframe into your website. Copy the code and click done.

You can either add this iframe to your own website or if you want to embed the video into the landing page you created with InEvent, Click here

To start the transmission on the external site, the host must click on the "Start Live Transmission" option at the top right of the lobby.

If you have provided two sources, in the session, all attendees will be able to switch between these by clicking on the settings wheel on the stream.

How do I join an activity?

The rooms are the activities available for your online event.

By clicking in a room or even on one of the participants, you will be connected and can start your conversation or participation:

On the right hand side you'll see three tabs: chat, people and files

In-Activity Chat

In the Chat tab, participants will be able to chat during the session. The chat can be viewed by all participants in the room.

If you would like to disable chat, click EVENT > VIRTUAL LOBBY and under settings make sure COMMENTS is disabled.

If you would like to monitor the chat, you can turn on this function in Settings>Tools, and navigate to the 'Control' section. With the "Comments of attendees" feature deactivated, admin will be able to approve or deny comments as they come in through the chat.


In the People tab, all participants who are online in this session will be listed.

If you are an admin or the room host, you'll have the permission to mute people and also to invite them to share their audio and video.


Under Files, participants will be able to view and download the available files. If you are a Room Host or an Event Admin, you'll also be able to share files with participants while the activity is live.

How to add materials to sessions before the event starts?

To add a file to an activity, select an activity, in the right side corner press EDIT and then on the right hand side press the FILES tab. After that click on the red button to choose a file to upload.

How to add files to a session live?

You can add files to a session live by clicking on the FILES tab in the right side of the room

Once the tab is open, you can upload files by clicking the "upload file section" at the bottom then click the green button to send.

The attendees can then download the file, which will appear at the top of the tab.

Which formats are supported?

  • “html”, “htm”, “js”, “css”;
  • "zip";
  • “xlsx”, “pdf”, “ppt”, “doc”, “docx”, “xls”, “csv”, “pptx”;
  • “mp4", “mov”, “3gp”;
  • “gif”, “jpeg”, “jpg”, “png”;
  • "ttf", "woff", "woff2", "eot";
  • "ics"
There is a limitation of 100MB per file when uploading files to Materials. In case you would like to upload bigger sized videos, you can upload these videos to other video hosts and copy and paste the link to the pre-recorded content field in the activity's details.


User control options

The participants who join the sessions as presenters will be shown control options.

They will be able to enable or disable the microphone and camera by selecting the icons on their profile picture.

They can also choose which camera, microphone and speaker to use for the session (helpful for those using external hardware)

They can also choose to join the session as a viewer, and perform connection tests if any of these configurations fail.