Integration with Cvent

It is now possible to integrate InEvent with your Cvent account. You can easily import Attendees and Invitees using standard and custom fields. Keep reading this article to learn how this can happen in a very simple way.

How do I enable this feature?

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Tools > Registration. Press Edit, and locate Cvent, toggle the switch button to enable it and press End to save the changes.

Enabling integration with Cvent

If you are unable to enable this tool from the event level, this means that it has been disabled from the Company tools. To do so, go to the company level, and click Account > Tools in the menu on the left-hand side. Then, scroll down until you see the Registration section, press Edit, and make sure the Cvent checkbox is checked. Press End to save the changes.

Enabling the Cvent integration at the company level

If you went to the company tools and instead of seeing the checkbox, you still saw Purchase, this means that this feature is not included in the plan you have purchased. Click here to check which features are included in each plan.

How do I integrate the Cvent platform with InEvent?

Company level

Now that Cvent is enabled at the tools section, click on the left menu Integrations > Cvent.

integrating Cvent at the company level

There are dedicated fields for you to enter:

  • Client ID
  • Client secret
  • Environment

Press Link account and that's it!

Event level

Once the integration is done at the company level, you can select the event you wish to import the information and go to Settings > Integrations > Cvent:

integration with Cvent at the event level

You will see on the left menu Cvent Settings:

  1. Event
  2. Fields
Settings - Event

At the Event tab, click on Edit and select from the dropdown menu the Cvent event to connect:

selecting which Cvent event will connect to InEvent

Once selected press Connect.

screenshot showing how to select a Cvent event to connect

You will now see two options that can be enabled/disabled by selecting the checkbox:

  • Sync Cvent registrations to InEvent: It will sync data from participants that are confirmed as attendees and also people who has not confirmed their presence as invitees.
  • Cvent Confirmation number as InEvent password by default: The Cvent platform requires a confirmation number from their participants, by default this will later be synched to InEvent as the users' password.
options to be pulled from the Cvent platform

To illustrate how the integration works, let's start with the image below showing two fields that were part of the Cvent registration form:

  • Cost Centre within your Legal Entity
  • Email of your Finance Controller
Cvent questions on the reg form

And those two fields have also been added at the InEvent Registration form (Marketing > Registration > Registration form):

registration form InEvent

Now, going back to Settings > Integrations > Cvent > Fields, you just need to select from the drop down menu the corresponding fields as displayed below:

selecting the corresponding field from cvent to synch
The integration sync automatically every 5 minutes, and if you click on Sync data (on top left of the page) it will force sync everything straight away!

That's it! Once you go to People > Attendees or People > Invitees, you'll see those fields completed with the participants information pulled from the Cvent integration!

The custom fields magic link and enrollment date, is meant to be used when InEvent will export data to Cvent platform.

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