Submissions: how to view registration form answers

On the submissions tab of the registration form, you will be able to see all answered questions submitted from attendees or applicants.

If the approval requirement is enabled, the applicants will not automatically become attendees after filling out the registration form. Administrators must approve their enrollment for them to become attendees.

Accessing the registration form submissions

To view the submissions of the registration form questions, go to Marketing > Registration > Registration Form and press the Submissions tab.

Image of the submissions option

Viewing all answers per attendee or applicant

To view all answers per attendee or applicant, on the submissions page, click on the name of the user whose registration information you would like to view, as shown below:

Select an attendee

Viewing all answers per question 

To view the answers given per question, click on the Fields tab, click on a question and press the Answers button towards the right corner.

An image showing the answers button on the field's questions

You can also view the analytics with a pie and bar chart and see the total number of answers to the question. This applies to the following answer types:

  • Yes or No
  • Grade 0 to 5
  • Options List
  • Multiple Choice

To view the analytics of a specific question, click on the Fields tab, click on a question and press the Analytics button towards the right corner.

Analytics of form answers

You can also export the charts as either a chart in an image format or as a dataset in a spreadsheet format, by clicking on the Download button and choosing the preferred format.

You also have the option to view the answers to the conditional questions by clicking on the Fields tab then pressing Conditionals > Answers.

To view the analytics of a specific conditional question, press the Analytics button towards the right corner.

Conditional questions answers

Click here for further information on conditional questions.


It is also possible to view the answers to all questions all at once. To do so, click on Analytics in the bottom left corner.

Analytics button that shows all statistics

You can press either Analytics, to visualize the form submissions in a graphic format, or Answers, to visualize the form submissions in a listing format.

Answers and analytics

You can use the Filter option to display submissions based on the attendee filters, such as whether or not they have admin privileges, their presence status in the Virtual Lobby, the name of the custom list they belong to, the kind of ticket they hold, etc. You can select the desired filter using the drop-down box and click Add filter.

For more information on the available attendee filters, refer to our Filtering attendees article.

In addition, you can use more than one filter to further narrow down the results, including filters with second layers, such as Custom lists, Tickets, and Tags. To remove a filter, click on the trash bin icon next to the selected filter.

GIF showing how to filter submissions using attendee filters.
If you have also added a signature field to your registration form, you will able to view attendee signature submissions directly from the Analytics page. The signatures will be compiled as links and stored in .png format (as shown below).

Reporting form submissions

To have this information available in an excel sheet, press Edit > Report. Once you click the button, a blue notification banner will appear at the top of the screen, informing you that you will receive the data file in your email when the process is complete.

You can also click on the Download button in the blue notification banner to view the report in the All reports > Spreadsheets > Attendees page.
Reporting form submissions

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