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You can collect important data from attendees enrolling in your webinar through the Registration form. The standard Registration form on the platform requires the attendee's name, e-mail address, assistant e-mail address, username, password, role, and company information.

In addition to the default questions on the Registration form, the webinar admin can add other questions. It is also possible to edit the default question labels or remove questions from the form.

How do I enable or disable the registration form?

Before trying to enable or disable the Registration form, check if the feature is enabled at the company level.

To enable the Registration form for your webinar, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Tools.
  2. Click the Edit button at the upper right, then scroll down until you see the Registration section.
  3. Tick the Registration form checkbox
  4. Press End to save your changes.
registration form tools

How can I create a registration form?

Alternatively, you can disable the Registration form by unticking the Registration form checkbox.

How can I create a registration form?

To create a registration form, click on Marketing > Registration form. On the left side of the page, you will find the following options:

Registration Form Creation


The Fields tab contains the default registration form questions. It allows you to add new questions and modify or customize existing ones.

  1. Default questions

The default questions on the registration form include the following mandatory fields: First nameLast nameUsername, and Email address

Assistant email addressPasswordRoleCompany, and Phone are also default questions. However, they are not mandatory; you can remove them from the registration form.

The Assistant email address field will only appear on the registration form if the Block assistant email tool is disabled under Settings > Tools. To learn more about this feature, see this article.
If the company admin adds questions at the Fields, these fields will show automatically in your event/webinar’s Registration form and Purchase form as part of the Default questions.

This is how your Registration form will look like with all the default questions mentioned above:

Registration Form Looks
When completing the form, the Phone field will automatically detect the country flag and phone code based on the attendee's location.

Besides the aforementioned fields, you will also see the Birth date field on the Registration form if you enable the WirecardStripe, and Foreign Support under Settings >​ Tools.

Birth Date

How can I change the default question labels?

To change the default question label or text, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Edit button in the top right corner. 
  2. Click on the question you want to change. 
  3. Enter the new content in the Value field as shown below:
  4. Press End to save your changes.
Changing Default Questions

How can I edit the default question's answer type?

The default answer type for all questions is Plain text. However, you can change the answer types for the Role and Company questions to Options List.

To do so, click on Role (or Company), then click on Edit. Click on the dropdown bar under Answer type, and choose Options List.

You can add the options one by one by pressing new option each time after you type or you can add options in bulk by pressing Add multiple options.
Edit default question type

How can I remove default questions?

To remove the PasswordRole, and Company questions click on the Edit button, then click on the question and click on the red Remove button.

Remove default questions
If you have the Ticket requirement enabled because you are selling tickets, the Password field cannot be removed. In case you do not see this field on the registration form, make sure to check if the Password lock is enabled in the Webinar tools since it will block the passwords field on relevant channels such as forms, emails, websites, or app. If it is enabled, make sure to disable it by unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

  1. How do I add new questions?

To learn how to add new questions, edit and delete questions, click here.

  1. How do I add questions as Global Fields?

To add questions you wish will appear on all your event and webinar forms, go to the company level. Click on Events > Fields > +Add question.

You can add as many questions as you wish and simply select the Answer type of your choice.

Add questions in Global

On the platform, you will be able to see the fields automatically on the Registration/Purchase form for all Events and Webinars. Applicants will also see the fields when filling up the Purchase/Registration forms:

Global field on Reg Form Front End
  1. Can I register attendees without their email address?

Yes, it is possible to register attendees without their email address if you enable UsernameClick here to learn more about this feature.

  1. Can I add a Profile picture and tags to the form?

You can add a Profile picture and Tags fields to your webinar's registration form. On the event level, go to Settings > Tools and scroll down to the Block section to disable these options.

Add Profile Picture and tags tools
Front end Reg Form

It is also possible for the users to upload a picture and choose a tag once they are already registered by going to the My Account tab.

  1. Privacy

The question Visible to others will be available in the form and it is a mandatory field. The participants can opt to be available and visible in the networking list or not. When the attendee chooses No during registration, their profile will not be public for networking.

Click here to learn more about how this option can affect the Networking features.


Sections allow you to separate parts of the registration form into their own group. With sections, you can group similar questions on your registration form for better organization. You can also add titles and subtitles to better describe each section.

To learn more about sections, check this article.


You can edit and configure your form's structure on the Settings tab.

Click here for further information on how to adjust your settings according to your registration needs.


By using the whitelist mechanism, you will be able to allow some identified entities to bypass certain registration form restrictions. In other words, people with emails containing a certain domain will be allowed easy access to the registration form.

Click here to learn how to whitelist domains.


If you wish to embed your registration form on an existing external (non-InEvent) website you can use an iFrame. Click here to learn more about it.

How do I preview my Form?

To preview the form you have created, click on the Preview tab at the left of the page.

Form Preview
As an admin, use the right click of the mouse and open this link in incognito window, or else you will see a message saying you are already registered.

Attached forms

Attached forms help organizers collect additional information from specific participants during the registration process. When configured, attached forms will accompany the registration form as additional questions.

To learn how to add and manage attached forms, see this article.


For further information about viewing the attendee's answers to the registration form click here.

How can I view the analytics?

To check the analytics of the registration form click the Analytics tab at the left of the page. You will also find a filter with the same options as the People > Attendees.

Form Analytics

The Fields tab provides a submenu that allows you to configure different actions on your registration form. The submenu offers options to add questions and dividers to your form. It also allows you to edit the error/success messages displayed when attendees submit the registration form.

Edit Error and success message

How can I add new questions?

You can have an unlimited number of questions in the Registration form. To learn more about how to add new questions to your form, click here.

How do I add dividers to my registration form?

Dividers are separators that divide two registration form questions using a title and subtitle. They are best used for categorizing questions within a Section. Click here to learn how to add dividers to your registration form.

Is it possible to edit default platform messages?

It is possible to change the platform's messages that are displayed when submitting the registration form, and also the text displayed on default questions. Click on the Edit error/ success messages button at the top left corner of the Registration form backend page.

Edit Default Platform Messages

If you wish to restore the original default question headings, select the item you want to restore to original settings by checking its box and click Remove. Save these changes by clicking on the End button.

Restore the original default question

Learn more about this topic in our article Headings.

Can I have multiple registration forms?

It is possible to have distinct registration forms targeted to different audiences attending the same webinar or event.

Check our article on Multiple registration forms to see how this feature works.

Is it possible to find out who opened the form but didn't finish their registration?

Yes, but only if you have created an invitation list.

In case you have, to check who opened the form but didn't finish their registration, press People > Invitees > click on the button labeled Filter in the upper right corner.

A new window will appear and you should select the option Opened form but not enrolled and press the blue button + Add filter and you will have a list of guests who closed the form before registering

 People > Invitees > Filter > Add filter > Opened form but not enrolled

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