Magic link: the attendee's unique link to join the Lobby

Participants have a few options on how to access the Lobby, the simplest one is by using the magic link. The magic link is a unique link that invites attendees to join the Lobby without having to go through the login page. Once they click on their magic link, they will be taken directly into the Lobby.

First, you will need to access the email editor functionality and then add the magic link to your emails.

Accessing the email editor

To generate a magic link, press Marketing > Communication > Email Creator. On this page, you can either select an existing email you wish to add the magic link to by clicking on the blue button on the right-hand side, or you can create a new email.

Selecting emails
Magic links can be added to both automatic emails and custom emails.

You can either have the magic link being displayed on the body of the email, or you can have a hyperlink containing the magic link for each participant.

By default, in your online events, the dynamic content called {{event-address}} will automatically become your exclusive, non-transferable link to join the Lobby.

Screenshot of  the email's customizable page, highlighting {[event-address}}

To add the dynamic content called {{event-address}} to an email, click on your email information and an edit box will open up on the left side. Then, press Dynamic content > Event > Virtual Lobby.

Now, you should see Your unique link: {{event-address}} on your email, as shown in the image below:

How to add the unique link via dynamic content
Be careful not to click on Dynamic contents > Event > Address because this will pull information from the Address field on the event details page instead of adding a magic link to your email.

By doing so, the participant will receive an email with the magic link displayed on it, as shown below:

Magic link on the email

To add the Virtual Lobby dynamic link to an email, click on your email information and an edit box will open up on the left side. Then, press Dynamic links > Virtual Lobby.

Now, you should see Virtual Lobby hyperlink on your email, as shown in the image below:

Hyperlink: magic link

By doing so, the participant will receive an email with the hyperlink containing the magic link displayed on it, as shown below:


Yes, you can. Just disable the magic link by removing {{event-address}} from the email.

In case you remove the magic link, make sure to add the user credentials (password and username) to the confirmation emails so your attendees can still join the Lobby.

They last until you generate new ones.

There are two cases that will force this situation:

  • If the magic link isn't used after 30 days from the moment it was generated;
  • If the participant logs off from the Virtual Lobby.

In both situations, the participant needs to follow the steps described in this section.

The magic link is a unique, exclusive, and non-transferable link.

If the link is shared and someone else accesses the event, the first access will be disconnected.

If you need to find the URL for the Magic Link that was sent out to one of your attendees, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to People > Attendees
  2. Select one attendee the Attendee you wish to
  3. Press the button that says Magic link and the link will be copied so you can paste it and re-send it to the attendee.
How to find an attendees magic link

Do not paste another attendee's Magic Link to a tab as this action will log into the associated account. If you clicked on it by mistake, when logging out, the original Magic Link will be disabled, and the user will need to recover it when accessing the event.

Once an attendee logs off instead of just closing the tab from the Virtual Lobby, their unique link will become invalid and instead of being taken to the Lobby after pressing their unique link, they will be taken to this screen:

All the attendees will need to do is type their email address and press Send magic link for a new unique link to be sent to their email.

The magic link will also become invalid if the users change their username or password information. In case this happens, they will need to generate a new one as mentioned above.

In case you'd like to prevent attendees from logging out so they do not invalidate their unique link, make sure to enable the Logout lock.

To do so, press Settings > Tools > scroll down until the Block section and enable Logout lock.

Yes, you can! By default, the magic link takes the users to the Virtual Lobby but if you prefer to redirect the users to the My Agenda page, for example, follow the steps listed below:

  1. First, you need to get the link to the destination page you wish the participants to land on when they click on the magic link sent by email. For example, the URL of the My Agenda.
  1. Then create a new tab for the Web, by going to Settings > Tabs > Virtual Lobby. And press +New Item
  1. With the new window open, enter the Item title and the Item link (the URL of the destination page you saved in the first step).
new item
  1. Click on the new tab created, click on Edit and make sure you select the option Embed - Yes

  1. Go back to the Virtual Lobby and open this new tab that was created and copy the part of the URL starting from: tab-embed.php as it shows in the image below:
  1. Now go to Marketing > Communication > Email creator. Click on the blue button to customize the Confirmation email. Remove the Your unique link: {{event-address}} and instead insert the Dynamic link > Virtual Lobby. And with the right click of the mouse, select the option link
  1. Then you swap out the live.php and replace it with that part of the URL mentioned above (tab-embed.php?eventTabID=1501049). You will see two question marks (?) in the new URL, replace the second one with &

The URL will look like this:

  1. Once you click Save, a new pop-up window will appear asking if you want to add http:// prefix, select NO. You are all set and good to go!
If for some reason the user requests a new magic link, it will also direct to the destination page you have set previously. And if the tab is not embedded at the Virtual Lobby it will direct the user to the My Account.
When you embed a tab that already exists, you will notice that this tab will be duplicated in the Virtual Lobby menu. We recommend making the original tab - the one that has been embedded - invisible. Click here to learn how to make a tab invisible.

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