Welcome card

The welcome card is an event cover that will be displayed on the main page of your virtual event. You can define if you'd like it to be shown or not and also if you'd like to have a video or an image as the event cover.

How do I set up the welcome card?

Under Interface, you'll have two cover types options.

Default event cover

If you select Default event cover, the cover image you updated on the event details page will reflect on the Lobby cover as well.

The text that will appear on the right-hand side of the Welcome card in the Lobby is the general description added on the event details page.

Video cover

To add a video as an event cover, select Video cover and insert a Youtube link in the black space that follows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

This is what your Virtual Lobby welcome card will look like:

How to stop the autoplay of the video cover in the Virtual Lobby?

If you want to stop the video cover of your Virtual Lobby from automatically playing all you need to do is add ?autoplay=0 at the end of the video link, as shown below:

Event > Virtual Lobby > Edit > Make sure the cover type for the Welcome Card is video > add ?autoplay=0 to the video's URL > click End to save the changes you've made.

Autoplay option for the welcome card

Now, the cover video for your Virtual Lobby will display a Play button for starting the video.

Can I hide the welcome card?

Yes! To hide the Welcome card, you'll need to enable Hide Welcome in the Virtual Lobby settings.

How do I set up the welcome outline?

If you have selected the Classic layout, you will not see this option.

When using the Neo layout, you will be able to set up the welcome card disposition. You should see two options:

Screenshot of welcome card outline
  1. Overlay contents: if you select this option, the newsfeed and the general description will overlay the event cover.
Screenshot of overlay content

  1. Display contents: if you select this option, the newsfeed won't overlay the video and the general description should appear right below the event cover.
Screenshot of the display content option

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