Event admin

With administrator permissions, you will have access to the backend. You can add and change information that directly reflects the functionality of the App, Virtual Lobby and website. You can also change images, make color settings, moderate questions, add photos, send messages, create polls, and more.

There are two levels of permissions for administrators:

  • Global administrator: the global admin will have access to all events. This admin will be able to create and delete events, templates, add other company admins, set up the features for all events, and much more. The global admin can decide who can access each event. Click here for further information on global admins.
  • Event administrator: the event admin will have access to one event. On this event, the admin will be able to modify all the information of the event, in the backend and in the Virtual Lobby.  
Only global admins will be able to book support calls.

How do I add an event admin?

  1. To add admin, go to People > Attendees
How to add event admins
  1. Next, press + Add person, which will open a new pop-up window.
  2. In the new window, choose the Admin role for the person from the Permission drop-down menu and add other information such as Name, Email etc.
  3. Simply finish by clicking Create.
How to add new attendees and choosing roles as admin
The moment you add someone to the platform, that person will receive an automatic confirmation email. Click here to learn more about the confirmation email. If you'd like to disable the confirmation email, click here.

You can also assign the Admin permission to attendees already existing on the list by clicking Edit on the top-right corner. Then, choose the Admin role from Permission drop-down menu.

How to change role of existing attendees
When event admins are added to the platform, this counts as a registration credit. Click here to learn more about registration credits.

Another option would be to bulk upload attendees using a spreadsheet and then change their permissions as described above.

Will the event admins be notified?

Besides the confirmation email with the link to the Virtual Lobby, you can also allow the event admin email to be sent out with an easy entry link into the event. To do so, click Settings > Tools > Control section. Press Edit and scroll down until you see the Event admin email tool and toggle on its corresponding button.

Enabling the event admin email

You can determine the language in which the notification emails will be sent to the administrators. Click here to learn how to do so.

Once all event admins have been added to your event, you can also define if this person should receive automatic email notifications regarding your event capacity, new registrants, and refund requests. Click here to learn how to set it up.

How do I access the platform?

Via email

You can access the platform via invite email containing the Entity ID, as shown below:

Invite email for event admins

You can also ask a global admin to send you the event link. Once the global admins send you the event link, make sure to save it so you can use it for future access.

By event link, we don't mean the link to the Virtual Lobby, but the link to one of the pages in the backend. Ask the global admin to go to the event, press Event > Summary, copy the URL and send it to you.

How do I access the Virtual Lobby?

Event admins usually receive a confirmation email with a magic link, but you shouldn't access the Virtual Lobby through the magic link, otherwise, you will not have admin permissions, only have regular users' permissions.

For you to join the Virtual Lobby with admin permissions, please log in via login and password, using the template URL displayed below.

  • ​https://app.inevent.com/en/companyname/eventname/login.php

When editing the link, you should replace the company and event name with your own information. You can retrieve your Company Name and Event Name by going to Event > Details and scrolling down until you see the Event nickname.

For example, my Event nickname is https://app.inevent.com/InEventKnowledge/MyEvent because InEventKnowledge is my Company Name and MyEvent is my Event Name. In that case, the link for me to access the login page would be: https://app.inevent.com/en/InEventKnowledge/MyEvent/login.php

When accessing your edited link, you should land on a page like the one shown below:

Login page

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on Forgot your password? displayed under the Login button, as shown in the image above. Besides this option, we also offer you other ways to retrieve your password. Click here for further information.

How do I delete an admin?

To delete an administrator you need to click Edit > check the box with the person you want to delete > press Remove > click End to save the changes.

How to delete an event admin

What can admins do in virtual activities?

Access this article to learn what abilities admins will have inside sessions.

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