Video On Demand: Pre-recorded room video mode

On Demand, also known as Video On Demand (VOD), allows viewers to watch the selected videos whenever at their schedule's convenience. With this option, viewers can pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, and re-watch the videos On-Demand as much as they would like.

Room video modes

If you are having online activities, once you activate your virtual room, you will be asked to choose your Room Video Mode.

This article intends to teach you how to enable and use the Pre-recorded room video mode to have On-Demand content in your online activities. If you wish to learn more about the other room video modes offered by InEvent, check this article.

The room video modes that are available to you will depend on the plan you have purchased. Click here to check which features are available in each plan.

Selecting Pre-recorded as your room video mode

If you have chosen pre-recorded as your room video mode, you have many options to choose from. You can paste a link to a web-based video, or upload a video of your own.

To do so, go to Agenda > Activities > select an activity > press Edit. Next, scroll down until you see Room video mode and select Pre-recorded. Then, press End in the upper right corner to save the changes.

Gif on how to select Pre-recorded as the room video mode

Now that you have selected Pre-recorded as the room video mode, there are two options for you to define which video will be available on-demand: you can either use a web-based video via web URL or you can upload a video from your computer.

To use a web-based video via web URL, simply select Use link, and paste the link into the text box.

The video format should be MP4. It can be a direct video or an iframe. There is no video size limitation when uploading a video.
choose pre-recorded as room video mode

Treating pre-recorded video as an embed frame

If you are using a video from Vimeo, you will need to include the embed link when connecting a link to your activity. Click on the Share button on your Vimeo video, and find the embed link as shown below.

Vimeo share with embed link highligted

Once you add this, please select Treat pre-recorded video as an embed frame. This option allows you to use a video file playback on demand for the live session coming from another provider.

InEvent details - treat video as iFrame

Upload video

To upload your own video file, select Upload video, and click on the green upload button to find this file on your computer. There is no limit on the file size for your video.

By selecting this option to upload a video from your computer, you will also find a Download video button, that can be very useful when uploading a large video to the platform and then sharing a downloadable link with other admins.

Setting your Pre-recorded video as a Simulated Live Stream
You can not use the Use link option when treating the video as a simulated live stream. You need to use the Upload video option for it to work.

This option allows you to set a pre-recorded video to be streamed live at the time and date you have selected for your activity. Users will be unable to pause, rewind or re-watch the content unless you then set it as an on-demand video.

This feature is not available to all plans. Click here to check which features are included in each plan.
How do I enable this option?

To activate this option, simply go to Settings >Tools > press Edit > and enable the option Simulated Live Streaming in the Live section of the tools.

Enabling simulated live streaming

If instead of seeing a checkbox, you see No or Purchase, there might be two reasons why that is happening:

  1. You will need to enable this feature at the company tools. To do so, go to the company level, and click Account > Tools in the menu on the left-hand side. Then, scroll down until you see the Live section, press Edit, and make sure the Simulated Live Streaming checkbox is checked. Press End to save the changes.
Enabling the simulated live streaming on the company level
  1. If you went to the company tools and instead of seeing the checkbox, you still saw Purchase, this means that this feature is not included in the plan you have purchased. Click here to check which features are included in each plan.
How do I activate this option for an activity?

To configure which activity should behave this way, go to Agenda > Activities > select the activity you wish to have the simulated live streaming > press Edit. Next, scroll down until you see Treat pre-recorded video as simulated live stream and tick this checkbox.

Activitating simulated live

Embedding a website, image, or PDF file to your pre-recorded session

Please check this article for more information

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