Files and documents

With the upload of files and documents, you will be able to share scientific articles, sponsors’ catalogs, and even presentations with the event's participants.

This article intends to show you how to upload and delete files, as well as where they will be available to your audience within your event.

Supported formats

The InEvent platform supports the upload of different file formats, such as:

  • Documents: "xlsx", "pdf", "ppt", "doc", "docx", "xls", "csv", "pptx";
  • Video: "mp4", "mov", "3gp";
  • Images: "gif", "jpeg", "jpg", "png";
  • Transcription audio files.
Uploading a video as Files will make it available for attendees to download from the Virtual Lobby once they go to My Files. It will not be added to the Live Studio Library for the host to play during the live session.

Adding files

Event files: adding files to the Files tab on the app and Virtual Lobby

To add a file that is not related to a specific activity, but to the whole event click on Event > Content > Files. Files uploaded to this page will be displayed on the Files tab on the app and also on the My files tab on the Virtual Lobby.

How to access the files tab in the backend

Now, press +Add file. After that, click on the green button to choose documents from your device to upload. Once you have chosen the files, click on Create.

Adding files to the file tab

Next, once all files have been loaded, you will need to fill in the File name and press Create.

Please note that multiple files can be uploaded at once, and in this case, you can name them separately.
Adding files to the event

At the image above it is also highlighted the click counter, so it's easy to see which files have been clicked. Keep in mind that if the participant clicks on Preview and Download while viewing the uploaded files, this will count as 2 clicks!

As an Enterprise account you can also upload files above 100MB! To do so, simply contact your assigned Project Manager by email and in less than 48h your request will be carried out.

Adding files to an activity

To add a file to an activity, go to Agenda > Activities and then in the right side corner press Edit.

Click on an activity, then on the right side select the Files tab. After that, click on the red button to choose a file to upload

Uploading files to activities

Up to 100 files can be added per activity.

Next, once all files have been loaded, you will need to fill in the File name and press Create.

Naming activities files

Now, the files are visible to all attendees!

In the Virtual Lobby

This option is great for presenters and speakers to upload documentation, slides, or any other files they would like to share without having access to the InEvent platform.

To upload a file, simply click on the text Upload a file, and choose the file from your computer.

To complete the upload, click on the circular send icon.

Virtual lobby > files

When uploading files to an activity or sponsor booth, keep in mind that you can upload up to 100 files and that each file is limited to 100MB. But if you have selected Pre-recorded video as your room mode, there will be no video size limitation when uploading the video.

Adding files to sponsor rooms

Click here to learn how to upload files that will be available in your sponsor rooms.

How do I delete a shared file?

Deleting event files (from the Files tab on the app and Virtual Lobby)

To delete a shared file you must go to Event > Content > Files. Press the Edit button > choose the file you wish to delete and an editing tab will appear on the right-hand side. There, press the orange Remove file button. A popup will appear > Press Remove to confirm. Finally, press End to finish editing and save changes.

Deleting event files

Deleting files from activities

To delete a file from an activity, go to Agenda > Activities > select an activity and then in the right side corner press Edit > Files.

You should see an orange button with a trash icon close to each file you have updated. Click on it to delete the file from this activity.

Removing activities files
On this page, you can also see how many clicks each file got. Only files added inside activities will show this kind of report.

Deleting files through the Virtual Lobby

To delete a file in the Virtual Lobby, click on the File tab on the right-hand side and press the trash icon.

How to delete a file in the Virtual Lobby

Check this article to understand the difference between each permission and learn who will have permission to delete files in a room.

Viewing files

When you upload files for the entire event, you will have the possibility to choose the their visibility. You just need to click on top of the selected file> press Edit> and pick the visibility accordingly. Press End to save the changes.

visibility of the files

Viewing files in the Virtual Lobby

My Files

If you wish to have a dedicated page for files in the Virtual Lobby, go to Settings > Tabs and click on Virtual Lobby. Then, make sure the tab My files is set to Visible.

In the Virtual Lobby, you can access the dedicated page by selecting the corresponding tab in the menu on the left-hand side, as shown below:

My files tab

On this page, all event files will be listed, including their location (to which room this file has been added) and the option to either preview it or download it.

Search file

You can also easily search for a file related to your event by typing the name in the Search button on the right hand side.

Search for file

Files uploaded to sponsor booths, activities and to the Event > Content > Files page will be displayed on this page.
My Agenda

Attendees can access pre-uploaded files linked to an activity in which they had enrolled in their Agenda - click here to learn more about it.

To see all documents linked to an activity: choose the activity, click on Details. You should see the files under the Materials section.

An attendee must be enrolled in an activity to view its files.
Inside the room

When inside a room in the Virtual Lobby, you should click on the Files tab to visualize all available files.

Viewing files in the app

To view a file in the app, tap on Menu > Files. For your files to be displayed in this tab, they should be added to the platform via Event > Content > Files as mentioned above.

Viewing files in an activity using the app

Tap the Schedule tab in the app, choose an activity, and press Details > Files.

Viewing files in My Files tab using the app

If the Virtual Lobby is available on the app, you can also access the files via My Files tab.

My files

Search file

You can also easily search for a file related to your event by typing the name in the Search button on the left hand side.

Search button in the app

Hiding files on the app

It is possible to hide files on the app and only make them available for attendees within the sessions listed in the schedule. To do so, go to Event > Virtual Lobby > Tools. Untick the checkbox for Files, and select End to save the changes.

This action will automatically disable the My Files tab.

Reporting activities' files

If you wish to generate a report on activities' files, you should select the activity > press Edit in the top right > select the Files tab > click Report files.

Reporting activities files

Once you click the button, a message will appear at the top of the screen, warning you that you will receive the file with the data in your email when the process is complete.

The spreadsheet will cover categories such as who viewed the file and how many clicks it got, the file URL, the first click date, among other data.

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