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With the upload of documents, you will be able to submit scientific articles, sponsors’ catalog and even presentations for your participants. These documents can be searched in a dedicated section of the event or the activities, when using the app.  

Which formats are supported?

InEvent platform supports different documents types as : xlsx /pdf /ppt  /doc /docx /xls /csv /pptx formats,

  • Doc = "xlsx", "pdf", "ppt", "doc", "docx", "xls", "csv", "pptx";
  • Video = "mp4", "mov", "3gp";
  • Img = "gif", "jpeg", "jpg", "png";
  • transcription audios.

How to add a file

To add a file click on 'EVENT'> 'CONTENT'> ' FILES' > '+ADD MATERIAL". After that, click on the green button to choose a document to upload.

Once you have chosen the document you would like to upload, click  'Create'

Add a file to an Activity

To add a file to an activity, press 'ACTIVITIES' and then in the right side corner press 'EDIT' 

Click on an Activity. 

Then on the right hand side press the 'MATERIALS' tab. After that click on the red  button to choose a file to upload.

Once your file has uploaded it will be attached to the activity, as shown in the image below. Press the'END' tab to finish editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i view a file in the App?

To view a file in the app, press 'MENU'>'MATERIALS'

How do i view a file which has been added to an activity?

To view a file  which has been attached to an activity, open the app and press: 'SCHEDULE' choose an activity and press 'DETAILS'. Then in the 'Interactions' column, press 'HANDOUT'.Your attendees can view the file under the 'Materials' page.

If you would like to upload material during the event, the update will be instant for your attendee 

Where can I see materials that are linked to calendar activities?

For materials that are linked to activities, choose the activity and click on DETAILS . After this step, click on FILESNote: you must be enrolled in the activity in order to view the material

Can i download the file without internet access?

No. To download you need to be connected to the internet. However, once downloaded, you no longer need to be connected to the network to access it

How to delete a shared file?

To delete a shared file you must go to 'EVENT'>'CONTENT'>'FILES' - Press  the  'EDIT' button  and choose the file you wish to delete

An editing tab will appear on the right hand side, containing the 'Remove Material'  button.

Press the 'Remove Material' button to delete the file.

Press 'END' to finish editing.