Troubleshoot InEvent Platform

This article discusses troubleshooting for the InEvent platform. If you are looking for troubleshooting steps for the Virtual Lobby, please see this article.

Which browser should I use?

We ask you to give preference to Google Chrome. Click here to download

What should I do if I receive an error?

If the platform is receiving an excess of simultaneous requests per user, you may receive a 503 Error.

The limitations for simultaneous requests per user are:

  • 10 requests a second.
  • up to 30 requests on the first load.

Exceeding these requests will return a 503 error.

What should I do if I face issues accessing the platform?

We bring our transparency to match your confidence.

If you want to review the current performance of the platform, or check if we are experiencing any performance issues, you can visit our System Status page.

Scheduled system maintenance and historic incidents will also be visible here.

Other technical requirements

If you are still in doubt or wish to check more specifics regarding technical requirements, we recommend accessing this article.

What if I'm facing another issue?

If you are still experiencing an issue with the InEvent platform, you can raise an issue report to be reviewed by our Product team.

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