Main errors that you can encounter and how to resolve them

See here the most common errors that can be found on the InEvent platform and how to solve them.

I can't access the Virtual Lobby

If you need to troubleshoot the Virtual Lobby please check this article

I accessed the platform and don't see my events

You may have a password conflict. Therefore, it is ideal for you to log out and recover your password.

To recover your password, follow this step by step.

I uploaded the spreadsheet and nothing appeared


See if the dates and times of the activities are included within the period of the event, if the spreadsheet has not been changed or if there are formulas in the cells.

More details on how to resolve these errors can be found here.


Your spreadsheet may contain some formula or special character with ';'. Another possibility is extra spaces in the email column or changes to the spreadsheet structure.

Check here for the most common errors when importing attendees trough spreadsheets.

I can't send emails or I can't register new people

See if your company still has credits for new shipments or registrations on the Billing screen.

The image shows a screenshot of the credits page for sending emails
If you don't have one, here's how to buy more credits.

I can't answer a poll via the app

See if you have entered the answer options and enabled the poll to receive responses.

Image shows an error message
To adjust these two items, read this article.

I can't create a question on the registration / satisfaction survey form

See if you selected the type of answer before creating your question.

Another possibility is to have chosen the parent question option, but did not select the item to which your question is linked.

Image shows the 'Add question' pop-up window
To adjust the questions on your form, check out this article.

I can't create meetings for my participants

To create a meeting, you must be registered as an event admin.

Image shows an error message

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